Holiday Sale --- item 4

Holiday Sale --- item 4

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Astonished by the allure of the vampire movies that have flooded our theaters over the past five years, Anissa, an immortal, dreamscape, vampiress wanted to give a glimpse into the real life of a vampire; and to do this she ratified a pass into the realm of the living vamps through this piece.

By wearing this you will have the imperial rate pass to be among the most powerful vampires in our world.

Dreamscape vampires are perhaps the most enchanting of all vampire species, gracefully and beautiful, they are not as dark in appearance as other species. After all, they have to be able to get into the dreams of their victims. Dreamscape Vampires are also the closest thing to Humans, though they usually do not like to admit this. They are the only Vampire species that must sleep.

So the key to this pass is that when you use this and sleep, you will be guided into the sleeping body of Anissa, and you will be permitted to use her body as she rests -- thus allowing you to understand, learn and gain strength and empowerment from the realms of the vampires!

Escape through your dreams as you morph and utlize this unbelievable pass!