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This is one special ring that I got from the people in Haddonfield for participating in a ritual that only I could accomplish for them. This ritual needed two things in it and I was one of them. I did not want to do it and it was not because the ritual was going to bring about dark but it was because of the people, I just didn't want to deal with them.

The people are strange yet highly accomplished in the occult and ancient ways long lost to us. These are people with great wealth that stay hidden in the shadows and live a life that you and I would rarely if ever know. They run things and work and associate with creatures that we could only imagine.

What they were looking for was to go back in time and gain a piece that was able to change time and death,not exactly time but the outcome. The outcome they were looking for was to save one person from a flood. I was not given all the details of why but for them to call me in when I don't get along with Terry or VM meant that it was something very important.

The end result was that I got to go to the library and pick my poison and I picked a few things because I feel if a dead was brought back to life then you owed me big time! This is one of the items I got. This is called the Tzohar, a piece of the original stone. This is the stone that sat directly in Abrahams hands and Gods Hands. This is the Primordial light of creation and also the stone that allows you to see Adams death light. You will have to do your own research on that but it is impressive.

The primordial light of creation is the true creating,the bringing about the life force inside of you and out side of you. This is both physical in the creation of you and all your previous lives and even generations,the string that got you where you are today. The original Adam seed. With out this you would not exist today,no one would. But what this will do for you is the inside,the souls side. This is all the glory of Adam,his power,his ability to see into the heavens,to communicate, to do it all. This is the turning of the cherubium on the ark of the covenant. The turning is the puzzle that once it moves releases all the glory that is Gods power.

This is one special piece and one of a kind. This is in all 14k gold and holds the stone. You may wear it on a chain or on your finger. This is for a man or a woman,anyone including a child can use this piece.

I cna explain the death light to you if you wish and it is nothing dark. This piece is ALL PURE white light.

If you need a hint as to where to find the code for the discount email me and pay attention to what comes back to you. That code will not be good forever.