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Located in Decatur, Greenwood Cemetery is noted as one of the most haunted locations in central Illinois. <br /><br />

One of the most interesting stories at Greenwood concerns the so-called “Greenwood Bride,” who wanders the grounds in her wedding dress searching for her fiancé, who was murdered by bootleggers. <br /><br />

The story begins during the era of Prohibition, when many who were down and out sought to make their living in the lucrative but illicit alcohol trade. One young Decatur man was a whiskey runner with a beautiful fiancé. One evening, the young man and his bride-to-be decided to elope, but he wanted to make one last whiskey run before the wedding. <br /><br />

Unfortunately, some of his business rivals caught up with him and murdered him, leaving his body in the Sangamon River. When his fiancé found out, she was so grief-stricken that she drowned herself in the same spot in the river. Her parents buried her in Greenwood Cemetery in her wedding dress. She now floats among the tombstones, wiping tears from her angelic face.<br /><br />

We definitely wanted to investigate this one while we were in Illinois. And to our surprise, we did encounter this young, beautiful bride. There are often rumors and tales that end up with a dead end, or just being fictional... but this was indeed a true revelation!<br /><br />

Deedee, being able to communicate with spirits, was able to proclaim peace for her and grant understanding of why she roamed the graveyard. It was noted that after she killed herself her spirit was to rise to Heaven, but her fiance was not there. <br /><br />

Her turmoil of noting that she would not get to be with her love has carried her on her journey to return the engagement ring she was buried with. She said this would grant her peace. So (and I am not admitting to anything) we spent hours retrieving the piece. <br /><br />

The center stone was elegant and gorgeous, a shimmering masterpiece, the band however was not in good shape. After placing her back to rest, the spirit vanished and we had the ring. <br /><br />

Although it was not returned to her fiance... it was no longer a hindrance to her spirit. We had the stunning stone reset into an eloquent sterling silver setting and soon leanred that the gem holds strong energies. <br /><br />

Testers found the solem vow of purity, love and trust. This young brides intent, love and vow to her fiance are recolated in this piece. The adorner will find true happiness and be able to attract someone who will hold true factors of comparison who will not leave them stranded wandering a graveyard!<br /><br />

The asset of knowing that you will be loved eternally and not have to worry about infedelity makes this a very endearing and powerful piece!<br /><br />