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The magic power of glamour is the ability to hide or mask the appearance of the fairy or the appearances of others behind a veil of fairy magic. What looks like an old haggard crone may actually be a beautiful fairy hidden behind her glamor. <br /><br />

Another historical use of the "glamour" magic power is used by fairies in order to hide the true whereabouts of their Fairy mounds or Sidhe Mounds. What may seem to mortal eyes, nothing more than a pile of fallen rocks, may actually be a spectacular palace adorned with a multitude of jewels and inlayed gold.<br /><br />

The Fairy Shield seems more like a super power for it is the ability of the fairy to hide from human view by vibrating his or her body at super high speed. This vibrational magic power has the effect that they are never in one place long enough to be seen. <br /><br />

If the fairies do not want to be seen, they will not be seen. Ocasionally a mortal is born with the gift to see past the fairy glamour and shielding. Which is a blessing or a curse, depending upon what they use their gift for!<br /><br />

A contact of ours was blessed with this gift and can showcase the location of glimmering powers of fairies that are hidden in the Earth.<br /><br />

*This is a collection of fairies that will evade and enrich your life.<br /><br />

This piece is home to Marlie.... she is gifted with the ability to communicate with animals and plants and showcases power over them!<br /><br />

Marlie talks the language of animals which obey straightforward and help them in various tasks. There are many reports of lutins riding a fox or a dear across the forest. In the air, the fairies may ask any bird to transport them across long distances.<br /><br />

You will be able to astrally connect with the animals spirits and utilize the strengths of their minds and world to bring enchantment forth in your life.<br /><br />

Pets are family members and many of us fall in love with our companions; we assume we know what they desire, think and want from their actions... but now you will be able to hear their true acknowledgements when you gain Marlie's gift!<br /><br />