Manufactured Minds-- number 1
Manufactured Minds-- number 1
Manufactured Minds-- number 1
Manufactured Minds-- number 1
Manufactured Minds-- number 1

Manufactured Minds-- number 1

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The story behind this piece is rather dark and saddistic, but it doesn't change the fact that the piece is very powerful.  It comes after the tragedy of the death of the young Kyle Brennan in Clearwater, Flordia.  If you recognize the name Clearwater, it is probably because you've heard it gain national notoriety as becoming the head base for a religion called Scientology.
Under the direction of the L. Ron Hubbard, the followers of his religious scheme drew out a plan called Project Normandy.  The objective of the operation was to establish and constrol a U.S. city and country.  The target of their operation was a city called Clearwater, in Florida.  They went so far as to call this an occupation of Clearwater.  They began moving in and bought up over half a billion dollar in properties in the town.  Just about every person who moves to Clearwater is involved in the conpsiracy somehow, which is how they keep the secret initiatives and practices low key.  Nobody finds out, because they are written off by the government and law enforcement officials that reside there.  Elections are rigged and they play by a very exclusive "good old boy" policy.  
The piece that we are offering paints a pictures as such.  In the early 2000s a man named Tom Brenna moves to Clearwater.  He is taked under the wing of Denise Miscavige, who is the wife of the currently reigning leaders of the world wide church of Scientology.  She becomes his pseudo-psychotherapist which in the Church is called his "auditor."  Basically, this is basically a person who acts as a guide to lead a person in the ways of the Church.  If they disobey, she reports to the higher-ups, which in this case was her husband.  These people are then dealt with appropriately.  Needless sto say, poor Tom went along with their brain control scheme and it wasn't long before they had hid join their rank-and-file system.  
In 2006, Tom invites his son Kyle down visit Clearwater.  Kyle is from Virginia and lives with his mother, who has been divorced from his father for years.  She knew that her ex-husband has joined the Church, but had no idea that he had become so brainwashed.  Kyle goes to stay with his father for a little while, but begins to notice suspicious activity going on.  These activities range anywhere from him walking in or a few orgies that his father was having with both other men and females.  He found a few books of his father's written in some very strange language that he could not understand.  The kids his age all act like subservient robot who pretty much do what the Miscaviges tell them to.
When Tom finds out his son has been taking Lexapro and seeing a psychiatrist for some time, he flips out.  This is because the Church strictly prohibits invovlement of these types of activites from its members.  It also strictly prohibits its members from being involved with anyone who partakes of these activities.  They blame psychiatrists for the ruination of the human mind.  A huge fight breaks out between Tom and his son and ex-wife.  He steals his sons medicine and lockes it in the trunk of his car, offering instead "vitamins" that would cure all of his sons problems.  
It didn't take long before Kyle went to the FBI with the disturbing occurences that were going on.  He tried talking to local police, but that didn't go over so well, given the fact that they were all in on it.  In fact, one time when Kyle went to police, they arrested him for conspiracy and took him back to his father, despite the fact that he was 20 years old.  You will not find this in arrest records, because they have covered them all up.  Naturally, Kyle refuses to take the pills his father gave him and begins his own investigation during which he finds out that with the help of the Miscavige family, they were trying to plant a worm in Kyle's body.  The pills that were being given to him were to prepare him for a parasitic takeover.  The worm's purpose was to travel through Kyle's body and enter his brain.  Once there, it would take over, manufacturing its own control overy Kyle's mind.  
As a result of Kyle's "rebellion," he was placed under strict surveillance.  At this point, the Church tries to set up a last minute actions plan.  It involve's a vacation in which Kyle is being watch in Maui.  He is set up to be robbed and abducted in maui, but the plan spoils and Kyle come back to Clearwater to tie up lose ends before going back to live with his mother.  Unfortunately he will never make it home.
The day of Kyle's death, February 15, 2007, his mother gets an alarming phone call.  It is from her ex-husband's cell phone, but it isn't his voice.  The voice calmly questions, "Is this Victoria?  I'm calling to tell you that your son, Kyle, is dead."  Later Kyle was found in his father's bedroom with his head slumped down inside a laundry baskent.  Cause of Death?  Apparent Suicide.  Despite the fact that it didn't look like a suicide at all, nobody was tested via forensic evidence because they were all in on it.  In addition, Kyle's laptop was taken, all files being wiped from his computer.  The only thing that was able to be retrieved was a couple of file names, specifically "Kyle's Schedule," "Battle Plan," and "Suspcious Activity."  A follow-up lawsuit by Kyle's mother on behalf of his estate was thrown out of court.  
In doing our own research, we reached out our connection at the Pentagon, who briefed us on a top-secret file that was found on Kyle Brennan's computer.  It was a document that Kyle somehow managed to confiscate just days before his death.  It lays out a detailed plan about how the vitamins that his father, Tom, was to give him were to make way for the parasitic worm that was going to be placed inside of Kyle.  This worm, again, would take full control over his brain, transforming him into a fully initiated member of the Church of Scientology.  It would look like "Kyle" was the one in charge, but it would actually be a foreign parasite, perhaps domestic, perhaps alien.  It doesn't specificy.  It simply refers to the speciment as a "Worm."  
Included in the documents is a full manual on how to create magically charged items that bring the power of being fully taken over by a "worm" without ever actually having to go through with it.  This was for people who wanted to comply with the teachings of Church of Scientology.  These pieces contian a foreign host, that temporariy shares the body with a person who wears the item.  They gain all the powers of this host including mind-control, time control, astral travel, shape-shifitng, advanced healing, spiritual healing, mesmerization, etc.  Essentially, the host will allow you to soak up the cosmic rays of the univese and use this energy to create any power that you want, simply by manipluating the energy to do what you want.  It works kind of like sorcery, but it isn't you yourself who is doing the work and you will only be able to it with the help of the host.  This means that as soon as you take your piece off, your powers subside.  This is not to worry, though, because as soon as you put the piece back on you will be as powerful as where you left off, because this piece will store and hold all the powers to gain and create while wearing it.
This magic is usually used in the brainwashing of other people to join the Church of Scientology, but you can use it in any way that you want.  It can create any type of power and will do both light and dual magic.  You don't have to worry about this host taking over your brain at all. We have cast protection spells into it make sure that will NEVER happen.  You will be in full control, with the host at your full command.