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This is a pin, and held by a green ring is what is known as the glosopetra
stone and below that hangs another. Much sought after through out the ages
by wizards and warlocks who would do most anything to gain one for
themselves, including murder. During the renaissance it was coveted, as it
could detect poisons in food and drink. But what made it better than other
methods of the time was, in the hands of one skilled in the arts it would
also tell the owner what the murderers motives were behind the attempt. Its
very rare to find these stones as it falls from the heavens during a waning
moon and when found it is in the shape of a human tongue. This piece holds
amazing magical properties for its owner, speech and communication, making
statues talk, projection of thoughts into actions and telepathic
communication with all kinds of angels, both white and dark. It will amplify
ones own core power and if doing work with the moon, moon gods or goddesses
it will be taken up to a whole new level. The pictures do not show how
unique and amazing these stones are. This is an antique and being so will
not be in perfect shape. The power is however priceless!

At times I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the
items in
blog posts on the forum.

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