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Orphic Mysteries RR

This is a very interesting item that belonged to a Thiasoi member named
Jonathon Brickle. His spirit remains with the vessel. The Thiasoi were
members of the Orphic mystery school named after its founder Orpheus. Jon
has a very even keeled personality but like most all teachers of the secret
mystery schools he is stand offish and requires one to take the steps needed
to reach the knowledge he knows. If you have a interest in Greek history,
myth, Orpheus, Dionysus, Cosmic egg theory, reincarnation, The Elysian
Fields and the Mystery schools just to name a few, this would be a very good
item to work with. He seeks someone who is interested in becoming initiated
into the Orphic mysteries. Being initiated in to this school and then
passing on the knowledge to a new member is key to gaining entry to Elysium.
One can not gain entery with out this. I have learned much from the time
spent with this item and he assures me that it is time to pass this on to
another. I agree, so here it is.

I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the
items in
blog posts on the forum.

Thanks for looking

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