Absorber Ring RR

Absorber Ring RR

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This is a man's ring that has an open hole in the center, is made of plain metal and is called an Absorber ring. It was purposely made this way so that no other metal would effect its purpose. The ring will absorb ability through the pulse points of your finger and send it to the brain. This is good for all sorts of untapped ability and the ability to absorb energy from people and places too. It is dual in power so this should only be for a person that uses dual arts and will absorb darker energy as well as positive, so please be aware of that and how you use it. There is also energy already placed into it.

So if you went to a positive happy place it will absorb that energy for you to use, if you go to a dark, negative place and use it that's what you will get. Some of the energy came with it when I first received it, some I experimented with and I also sent it to a friend to try out for me.

It holds Tesla energy as well as Tesla intelligence (which feels awesome!). There is also the energy of a 8 year old boy that was buried in a watery grave in Arlington NJ. He is extremely psychic and he was also a math genius but I was unable to discover his name. This also holds the energy of one of the men from the Philadelphia experiment and also Thomas Edison.

The dual energy I believe comes from Edison because he did create the electric chair, but it has a great overall vibe to it and can be used in many many ways. My favorite is the Tesla energy because he knew so much that is considered secret science. Its a bit hard to describe, because the energy when you wear it really gives you moments of inspiration on things that you might never have thought of before. A very unique and useful item!

I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

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