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I've told you all before that your reality is only what you make it.  There is no physicality that holds to be true for any two people.  Well, maybe if their twins, it could be pretty similar, even though it would still be slightly different because of the fact that they are two separate, different people.   Thus, God is not the same from person to person.  The God that I know is a different God than somebody else knows.  This is how the evolution of deities has come to progress.  The fact that there are separate religions is entirely arbitrary.  Religion is merely a reality that you will make up for yourself.  

You can change religions at any time, but the urgency to worship that God, or Gods depending on you religion, will still run deep through your veins.  This is because regardless of what religion you claim to be, all religions are interconnected through the one apostolic God, which is the hub of life force energy that exists at the center of the Universe.  Religion seeks to empower all to become enlightened in different ways, through different methods; but the common goal of religion is help you end up in a better place, as an empowered being, who has achieved maximum enlightenment, in an afterlife that will serve as the perfect placed to reside where there will be no pain and shame, only peace and valor.  

Thus, the Mountain of Gods, is not actually a mountain, but more like a realm where all the Gods that have ever been used to interpret the life force.  Whether you are a Christian and belief in God and Christ, or a Jew who believes in Yahweh, or a Muslim who believes in Allah-- they can all be found somewhere at the summit of the Mountain of the Gods.  Why do you think it is that the Gods of the Greeks lived on a mountain that they called Mount Olympus.  Why do you think Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments?  Why do you think Jesus used to fast on the Mount of Olives.  Noah's ship came to rest atop Mount Ararat.  Mount Etna was the home of the Vulcan.  Mount Kailash is the home of Shiva.  

Could it be in that writing, these mountains are all synonymous to mean the same thing?  In reality, and by the theory that you create your own reality, not the other way around, all these Gods co-exist and intermingle.  This is the realm our religious teachers went to when they "climbed mountains".  They are are the Sons of Olam.  They are the gods that have been created to represent the Universal Life Force. However, through being created, they have become very real.  So while I'm not trying to take from any particular person's religious belief, I'm just trying to say that the life that they give has stemmed from the same Holy Fountain of Life that exists at the center of the universe-- from which everything that exists has come from.  It is the sustenance that holds our universe together at its seems.  It the glue of existence.   

These gods have come to known as the Sons of Elam, or alternatively, they can are also referred to as the Ambassadors of Light and the Council of Gods.  Their sole purpose is to spread the reality of enlightenment and spiritual ascension.  These pieces contain the energy of the Ambassadors and we have gotten then through an ancient Buddhist practice that allowed us to enter a state of Nirvana upon which we were able to ascend the Mountain in search of truth and answers.  We were allowed to bring these pieces back with us.  These pieces are all holy relics, regardless of what they might look like.  Each relic holds the powers of the Ambassadors of Light in an transformative capacity.  By this I mean, that when you use this piece it will be like a blast of power directly from the Universal Life force, rather than the way you've been receiving it in the watered down version of processes, rituals and beliefs. 

This power will give you a transformation that render your existence as one of the Ambassadors of Light, or the Council of Gods.  Thus, you will be give full control over the Universal Life force.  Once you have this power there really is no stopping you from doing anything.  You can simply remain in your state of nirvana if that is what you want to do-- in a realm of white light where stress in non-existent and you can "float around" happy and content.  You can use this piece to create if you want, such as the many gods are believed to have done.  You can use this piece to create powers and energies that you can then use for yourself or give to others.  You can use this piece to spiritually heal others, or spiritually enlighten them.  There really is no limit on this piece, as it contains the very energy that birthed us all and, well, where are the limits on that?  There aren't any!