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There is no reason to doubt the existence of other intelligent life in our universe.  Especially given the pieces that we sell on our website,  However, even if you've never had the once in a lifetime chance to try one of our authentic pieces, there is no reasonable excused to doubt that there is existence in our solar system that exists outside of our own.  Our sun, which is a star, is a typical star.  It is also a very young star.  There are billions of stars, billions of miles away that are billions of years older than our sun.  It would be ignorant and small-minded of us to think that our star is the only star like ours that is capable of having an Earth like planet with intelligent lifeforms like ourselves.  The fact of the matter is that with these stars being billions of years old, the life that exists in the universe is probably much more intelligent than we could possibly dream to be at our stage in universal development.  This is why ancient aliens visited us in ancient times to help the Egyptians develop the Sphinx and the the Great Pyramids of Giza.  It's why they made sure the Pyramids of Giza lined up with the belt of Orion, so there would always be an open line of communication and a cosmic flow of intelligence for those on Earth who deserved the secret-- or rather could figure it out.  

However, we have pieces for that already.  That is not what I am offering under this listing.  Rather, it is a telepathic connection piece with a race from Mars who were super intelligent before the planet went into nuclear winter like conditions after an attack from a far superior alien race.  It happened so many years ago, that I'm not ever sure if there is a number to describe how many years ago it actually happened.  All I know is that, in accordance to Dr. John Brandenburg's hypothesis, there once was a civilization on Mars.  It wasn't a terribly old civilization, but it was older than ours and much more technologically and magically advanced than ours.  In the grand scheme of things, though, they were somewhat new, which is why a group of aliens that was passing by decided that when the stopped on Mars, they just wipe them out... kind of the way a child finds it necessary to step on an anthill when he sees one at the playground.  

Scientifically speaking, the evidence that demands a verdict begins with the fact that there are large amounts of nuclear isotopes in Mars' atmosphere.  They resemble those from hydrogen bomb tests here on Earth, only they are in vast quantity.  Thus, Mars presents an example where life wiped out by a nuclear attack is highly probable.  Aside from this, there are large concentrations of Xenon-129 in Mars' atmosphere.  Again, this is a gas that is widely found following some type of nuclear incident.  To sit and pretend nothing ever happened on Mars, especially when you have people like Obama visiting Mars by means of jump rooms in Africa, is kind of just ignorant.  Then, you have to take into consideration the fact that the government keeps its constituents in the dark on purpose.  The human race is a very greedy race, in general.  We haven't reached the point that other races have reached where information and enlightenment flows freely for the better use of existence.  Maybe some day we'll get there, maybe we won't.  All I know is that I will long gone from this round of mortal existence by the time it actually happens.  

The point that Mars was once the home to an ancient, highly advanced civilization is not something that came from a low-budget sci-fi movie.  It's reality.  You can either sit around and wait to see if you are ever told the truth about what happened on Mars.  I mean, our government knows; we even house Martian refugees who have been floating around in space until the found a stable foundation to call home.  They are they ones that managed to escape.  If you don't want to sit around and wait for the truth to come to you, then I would suggest that you take matters into your own hands.  You can do this by making this item yours!  This authentic item is one that contains magic that gives this piece the power to allow the person who is in full charge of this piece to travel through space and time to the hay-day of the Martian civilization.  It will allow to Quantum Jump from your current existence into full Martian existence, to the days where the Martians cohabited peacefully and knowledgeably.  You see, they didn't do the things we as humans do.  They don't have countries or boundaries and they don't see racial differences.  They co-habitate peacefully in a state of enlightenment that allowed whomever should decide to call Mars home, the same equal opportunity to exist in full enlightenment.  

Enlightenment is the amenity you are going to enjoy when you wear this piece.  You are going to gain the ability not only to travel back into space and time to visit the time of the thriving Martian civilization, but you are going to be able to become a part of their network.  Their network is directly connected to the intergalactic network, exactly like the pyramids here on earth.  The Network is the life force off all things that exist.  Is the basic glue that holds all of existence together and holds the similarities that we share with one another over the broad spectrum of life that we call space.  You will gain all the knowledge of the prior existence Martian civilization, along with all of their knowledge of magic and sorcery, which they just so happened to prose at, because of the nature that they were so tied into their environment.  You never know what you will encounter until you actually use this piece.  I can guarantee this much though-- it will be a very powerful experience in which you will obtain the highest form of enlightenment and a host of powers that you can bring back to the Realm of human mortality to use in your every day life!