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Looking around the world today, it isn't hard to see that things are changing.  I don't mean in the sense that people are changing, but our world is changing.  Something is happening in our environment and there is absolutely nothing that we can to do to help or change it.  We are pretty much just victim to these things as the gnaw away at society like a dog chewing on a bone.  One would logically think that it would have something to do with Project HAARP or some other bureau of weather control under the commission of the NWO.  This is not the case, however.  Rather, there is something cataclysmic to the whole process.  It's like the Earth wants to start anew and leave behind all of the mess and regret that the world has created, unnaturally.  It isn't so hard to reconcile with the fact that the humans have been destroying the Earth nearly the inception of our kind.  There is a new age coming, or rather it has already arrived, and the first thing the world is going to do is clean the world of all of it's hateful and destructive ways.  

We should have listened more carefully to the Mayans and noticed the patterns in our solar system.  They merely said that in 2012 there would be a gateway opened into a new time period, not the complete end.  It is to be a time of enlightenment, where the beings that exist on Earth will be transformed into superior beings of spiritual awakenment and the ones that can't cope with this will be destroyed.  It goes hand in hand with the prophecies from the Bible when God says that he will bring a New Jerusalem down upon the Earth so that way his people-- or the enlightened ones-- can exist in a city free of misery and full of contentment and joy.  Here they will live in the white light of God-- again, spiritual awakening-- and exist immortally.  This is the reason why so many detrimental things have been happening as Earth experiences growing pains or sorts.  

There have been a record number of volcanoes, earthquakes, killer storms, polar vortices, droughts, famines, flooding, bizarre snowing patterns, and hurricanes such as Katrina.  This is because the Earth is fixing to change at the hands of God, or in the hands of destiny, whichever version you prefer to believe,  The fact is that change is coming and those who cannot spiritually adapt (in Bible terms, seek the straight and narrow), then you will be destroyed by the forces that are overtaking the Earth.  Those of you who choose to listen to the what the elements are telling you and allow yourselves to go through spiritual rebirth will be salvaged.  The time gate into the new future has already been opened.  It was on 12/21/2012 when the planetary system went into total alignment and the hands of time cycled into a new period of existence.  Again, those who can transform themselves to heed the advice of what nature and the gods are telling you will be okay.  Again, the rest of you, not so much.  

By now you're probably wondering the point to all of my rambling.  I mean, when it came to theMayays, an the End of Time prophecies in the Bible and all the crap that's going on in the world today, it often times pretty much signals to myself that we better get ready because the time is definitely approaching and approaching fast.  What I didn't know is that we are already in the times and it is crunch time because the world will be eliminating people who just don't get it.  In my opinion the Kardashians-- or Kim Kardashian at least, should have been the first to go.  Again, this is just my opinion.  However, it illustrates the type of person I'm talking about when I said those who aren't enlightened are left behind.
Either way, this piece is a blend of divine knowledge of God, mixed with Mayan sorcery of time. When you wear it, your body is going to react in a way that is going to give you a 100% full white light awakening, that way you can see into the future to understand those things that are going to occur.  It will also allow you to see into the past, to understand that the world, just like human life and most other things, work in cycles.  The last time the world changed, the Dinosaurs became extinct with few exceptions.  This will ultimate allow you to open your mind to the cycles of the world, as well as your own inner spiritual cycles.  This is what will allow you to receive awakening and what will allow you to survive, as you will have achieved your spiritual awakening that is required to enter the New Age.  As always, this piece comes packed with lots of magic.  It allows you the manipulate matter using only your mind, it allows you to read the mind of others and to know what they are feeling and thinking.  It will give you the ability to source your own powers using just the energy that is radiated to Earth from space.  After all, it is from the depths of space where the energy that was used to create human life came from.  It more ways than one, this piece is a spiritual overhaul and transformation into the being that is necessary to meet the upcoming times' demand for highly intelligent, spiritually advanced race of individuals, which you will become!