A Little More Than Royal: Princess Di's Sanguine Ties

A Little More Than Royal: Princess Di's Sanguine Ties

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The piece you are getting is an antique.  It kind of looks like a watch, but it isn't.   It's a beautiful piece and it is very powerful.  This piece replaced the original.


I guess that they would have you believe that the cause of Princess Diana's death was a mere car accident.  By they, I mean the ones that control the information.  They are the ones that control history and the media.  Whoever "they" might be, it is they that would have you believe that Princess Diana's crash in Paris was nothing more than happenstance and tragedy.  I guess that to the naked human eye, this would be perfectly acceptable.  However, for anyone with more than half a brain, you could tell the circumstances surrounding that car accident were anything but normal.  However, the princess was so beloved and it caused such turmoil for the nation that at the time, nobody really wanted to think about it.  Again, emotion controls the people, so at that point in time they pretty much just went with whatever was force fed into their minds.  They didn't really want to think for themselves.  They wanted something to blame the death of their beloved on... damn that car accident-- and damn the French too!  Why?  Who knows, just damn them!!  Alright.  

I wonder if it has ever occurred to anybody, as it has often occurred to me that the chances of having an accident in the manner in which Princess Diana died just didn't add up?  I was a young 11 years old when the tragedy unraveled and I knew it wasn't right.  Now, as an adult I can tell you that it wasn't the way things happened.  She was target and that car was crashed on purpose.  It leaves the very obvious question of who, but in my mind the question "Why?" seems a little bit more obvious, although that's probably just because I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart.  It makes me wonder what Princess Diana was hiding or what she knew that made somebody want to off her like that?  She was a decent person and all, attempting to make a change to the world.  Why would you want to kill her?  Maybe it was because of her involvement with the royal family, and they tend to be corrupt?  Or better yet, maybe it was the royal family that killed her.  Well, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, actually, that it was the royal family that killed her.  So we got the very obvious question of "Who?" out of the way.  Now how about the, "Why?"

You should, by now, know that the royal family is ardently involved in the occult and the paranormal.  They partake in many types of rituals and killings and sacrifices, but they are all done behind closed doors with people who don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, which basically means the hand picked poor people and otherwise deemed, "nobodies," to abduct out of the street to murder in their ritualistic killings.  It wasn't long after she was married to Prince Charles that Princess Diana was forced to partake in one of these rituals.   During the ritual, what the royal family deemed as peasant was killed and sacrificed to Leviathan, avampiric god that they worship, who is a God in the underworld.  During this ritual is was necessary that Charles and Diana have sexual intercourse to get the energies and powers flowing, for there is no more powerful energy than sexual energy, because it is indicative of fertility.  During the the ritual the Prince and Princess made love while the peasant was sacrificed and his blood was sprinkled on them.  T

he result was a ritual that summoned Leviathan to their ritual, during which he birthed a vampire seedling to the Princess that she has kept in this item ever since.  The power of the royal bloodline and their ritualistic secrets was placed inside this piece along with the vampire seedling, after all it was the very same type of magic that has given them success in power, wealth, and royalty.  Not to mention they have all the powers of the sanguine race, but I'm sure that I've mention this before.  The royal family has always had a certain fascination withvampirism.  I mean, they are part descendant of Elizabeth Bathory, which means they have sanguine energies and powers running through their veins to begin with. Their sacrifices to the lords of the underworld are merely meant as means to strengthen their Powers-- or in this case to initiate a new member into the family.  If you don't believe, ask Kate... she can tell you all about, although I doubt you'll ever be able to get ahold of her.  You could also just let this piece that I have speak for itself.  

You see, the reason why Princess Diana was set up to die was because she knew too much and because the Royal Family wanted their gift back from Princess Di.  If she wasn't going to use, then they would find someone who could.  They thought she had the piece with her in Paris, but they were wrong; so basically, they killed her for no reason, because now this piece, which I have acquired, is out floating around as a testament to the truth, anyhow.  I have held this piece for awhile, but it is now time to pass it on to somebody who is going to be able to use it the same way I have-- to understand the truth and to gain magnificent powers.  When you use this piece, it will birth you a vampire seedling just as it has birthed one for Princess Diana, myself, and anyone else who has ever used this piece in between.  This is the original piece, not a replica.  This piece gives you your own vampire seedling.  

You must name the seedling and watch as is progresses through the levels of magic.  You too, will progress as your seedling progresses.  In this way, it will be like you have received a sanguine rebirth, even though you will remain human.  Through the experience of watching and feeling the powers as your seedling goes through them, you will gain full sanguine ability, without the blood lust or the need to prey on humans.  You gain a liaison into the sanguine world of powers, abilities, and extreme magic.  It will be a look into the sanguine world and realms as you have never experienced before.  It will allow you walk with the most powerful of sanguine vampires such Cain and Leviathan himself.  This piece isn't necessarily dark in nature, it is dual so how you use it will dictate whether the magic you practice is dark or light.  You can pretty much dictate the way this piece grows, as well as telling your sanguine seedling what powers you want to gain, so that way it go through the sanguine realms and find them for you.  Again, as your sanguine gains powers so will you, so as long as you establish a good bond with your seedling the possibilities are truly unlimited, for if you request of your sanguine he (or she) will deliver it to you!