Astrological Mind Provisioning 2

Astrological Mind Provisioning 2

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Pulling Spirits, Part 4: Astrological Mind Provisioning

The third spirit that I pulled through endowed me with a power that I have vested into the piece that you will encounter here. He has given me this power because he admires my determination in cracking his case. I am stubborn and stick to my guns, and eventually he succumbed to my determination. Either that or he took pity of my stupidity in realizing that he could wipe out my entire existence in the blink of an eye. Either way, he gifted me his one-of-a-kind mystique before we parted ways and he was place back into the spiritual currents.

The spirit's name is Assur and he came to me from the second millennium, from a region called Babylonia. He is an astrologer from the civilization that crafted astrology. He is a philosopher at heart and in the raw. He is a dreamer and a star gazer. Keeping your head in clouds can be unproductive, but for Assur it eventually paid off.

After observing patterns in the stars and planets for many years, he gained a profound cosmic wisdom and finally figured out what this fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers really was. It was the gateway to the Gods, and when the time was right and heavenly bodies were aligned just-so, a rift would be created and he would be able to slip into their realm and obtain their coveted powers. He waited until the time was right and that is exactly what Assur did.

When he arrived he was receive indignantly by the gods who thought mortals simply didn't possess the attributes necessary to hold such wisdom. Boy, were they wrong. It kind of cost them, too. They sent Assur back on his merry way, with promises of a high holdings in his afterlife. They didn't send him back empty handed either. They gave him the secrets that eventually spawned the writing of the Enuma Anu Enlil, an ancient manuscript which provides a basis for modern astrology. Without these characteristics I wouldn't be a Libra and you wouldn't be whatever sign you are.

He was also given a secret alchemy from the gods, that was given in a cosmic code that only Assur could decipher. When mixed together with the secrets of astrology, Assur was given an entirely new power, with which he could perform complex mass mind provisioning, forcing entire groups of individuals of the same Zodiac sign to behave in a certain way according to his desires. It was the first case of mind control in history. Citing a pact he made with the gods later in his spiritual existence, Assur claims to be responsible for the disappearances of complete societies such as Angkor, the Mayans, and the Anasazi Indians.

The piece that is depicted here will offer you three distinct abilities. First, it will give you astrological wisdom to be able to interpret and read cosmic signs and read the prophecies set forth in the patterns of the stars. Second, you will be given the secrets to an ancient alchemy practiced by the ancient Babylonian gods. Finally, you will obtain the mass mind provisioning technique mastered by Assur thousands and thousand and thousands of years ago. It is an ancient secret to be forever relished, and now you can make it all yours.