Mente Divina:  Powers from an Italian Coven

Mente Divina: Powers from an Italian Coven

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Mente Divina: Powers from an Italian Coven

Having this Italian work of art in your collection is enough to boast of on its own. However, you know what we are all about, and we add our own special little spark. This piece holds an the enchantment of a coven of witches that lives outside of Florence, Italy. The leader of the coven is called Francesca, which is a thoroughly Italian name for a thoroughly Italian Chick who has given me the ability to make this piece one that is enchanted with a thoroughly Italian power, for one of my very lucky, valuable clients.

Having said this, here's the scoop. Francesca is a modern day witch with a sacred bloodline that goes back as far as the Italian Renaissance, maybe even further. Her powers are all original and are ingrained in her biologically and psychologically, so you know that her powers are the real deal. She isn't one of these cheap hoax witches that claim they have powers but can never back it up.

I first spoke to Francesca in a forum-- I know, how modern of me, right? Hey, whatever works, though. Soon after she booked her trip America to come visit me in person. During her stay in the States, we traded much advice, power, knowledge etc. She is a very powerful individual, at very least. To put the icing on the cake she helped me with the following.

About half way through her stay, I became curious as to what kind of magic it is that she was born with. As a means to help me better understand, she agreed to help me hold a séance of sorts, which would summon the presence and existence of her ancestors, who originated the power. She blessed the whole ritual with an invocation spell, which enhanced the results quite significantly.

I was able to pull through a warlock from the Renaissance time period, who was an bloodline ancestor of Fran's. During the ritual we were able to draw information out of him, including that the powers that were in Fran's bloodline are a white power source known as Mente Divina. It is power that was practiced during the Renaissance, which was passed down from the original hosts of the sorcerers stone.

During the séance, I was able to enchant that piece that you see here with the magic of Mente Divina, which is the power that also swims through Francesca's veins. Additionally she sanctified the piece, so this piece packs a double punch. With this piece you will gain the exclusive ability of practising the power known as Mente Divina. With this piece, you will be able to explore the depths of the mind, and engage in the powers that are held within.

Once you have done this, you will gain the ability to perform the same white source magic of Francesca and her ancestors, and her coven. It is a very powerful magic that produces splendid results. You will be able to accurately perform, spells, charms, enchantments, etc. With the powers from the séance, you will gain the exclusive ability to also summon the spirits of Mente Divina as a means of boosting the potency of your magic. There is no cap and zero limits on any of these abilities. You can grow as powerful as you wish, but you will not be able to use it for dark purposes. It is white magic only and you will receive the brilliantly crafted piece that you see here.