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(09-04-08) During the black death of 1348 many people were dumped in mass graves as we all know. Most had vinegar poured on them because it was thought that it stopped plague. It wasn't true of course but if you dig up the bodies (not saying I did) but if you had the Vinegar helped to preserve some of them. Almost like Saints if they had enough of it.

What your looking at is the ashes of witches. Even then they could not be placed in consecrated ground. The bodies of some have been saved. Not like a mummy or anything but enough there to get some bones and ashes. These all come from a place called vinegar alley. It holds one pit of witches.

These ashes are not happy but they will not hurt you. The item your looking at did not come from there but the ashes did. The pins are all old and some more decorative then others but they all hold an extreme power and the bones of one cunning woman as they were called then.

These women can create all things and they are real.

I have Sollie, Elizabethica, Eugenia and Marie. You will get one and they already know where to go. These will get along with any other thing in your home and they are telepathic as all spirits are. They will cast spells for you but don't be rude and ask right away. Get to know them and tell them the home belongs to both of you. No witch is evil and all are waiting on a home and more then happy to get one.

Eugenia is the oldest and is 43. She is very wise and was also a mid wife. She is great with health issues and all other things as well.

Marie is in her 20's and doesn't know her  exact age. She is a healer and spell caster of all spells as they are all.

Elizabethica is gorgeous 26 and is a real astrologer. She will try and match you up with someone if your single and uses astrology in her spell casting.

Sollie can hear and communicate with other spirits in other places. I did ask what other places meant and she did not go into that. She too casts all spells and they all work, same as the others.

They are great at what they do as some of the original magic has been lost over time with them, they are time.

You will get one of them and the one you get is meant for you.

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