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I copied this first section from about.com

    Love - Confidence - Loyalty - Courage

    The ruby is a stone of nobility. The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid. This stone encourages one to follow bliss. It also acts as a "plug" for holes in the energy field. Wonderful stone for the 1st chakra as it stimulates our basic instinct of/for survival. It strengthens both the physical and emotional heart.
    Ruby brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. It instills stamina, vitality and strength. A good stone for removing blocked energies in the reproductive system. It re-energizes one after exhaustion. Also good for balancing the blood's sugar. It also helps to reduce negative thought patterns.
    Ruby allows you to love Self and Spirit. A good stone of protection. Depending upon which type of gold you have the ring set in, (yellows or silvers) it would bring with it these healing properties as well. The yellows carry the energy of the Sun or a masculine energy, while the silvers carry the energy of the Moon or a feminine energy.

    These are for those of you who have been buying the luxors and teeth. This is something you can add to your collection for a low price. These are REAL rubies. What is unique about them is where they came from.

    These have had the blood of many vampires spilled upon them. These originated from India but made their way to old Transylvania for a vampire ritual.

    You have heard the saying old moneyω This is old Blood. They are untouched other then the ritual of a few hundred vampires with is held,was held in March in New Jersey. This is not a kiddie gothic thing but a real ritual that is not only shocking but dangerous for anyone to attend. I was given an invitation but when I found out the potential for being eaten was very much real I changed my mind.

    I was invited by Terri a strange woman that lives in Haddonfield NJ. This is also how I met Vampire man. We got to know each other and he liked me. Had he not I would have been at the ritual and walked into a not so nice trap.

    Either way these are powerful and the above properties of the rubies are magnified by the spilled blood of the undead,which are many. Legions I was told.

    They use them for charm,sexual appeal and they are charged from the earth in which they will never return to.

    These are special and I will tell you how to bring out the true beauty of them now.

    Wash them in warm water and allow them to dry.  You can get a rock tumbler and bring them to what you see today in the store. These however will not be treated as a jewelry store treats them. You have it in the raw with all the power intact.

    You do not have to tumble them but I would wash them.

    The power in these is beyond my realm to describe.
    There are more coming which they used for money. I will place them on next. Of these I do not have that many.  Also you will get one. Someone will get a few because they will be small.

    You could end up with one worth a few thousand or a few hundred. I really don't know but they are all real,all powerful,all bleed upon in ritual of power with united vampires.

    They will be sold here inexpensively.

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