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Dual Power Force and Numerological Powers

Sometimes in life you come to conclusions just a little too late. You mock others who don't make sense at the time, only to find out later in life that what was being said was completely valid. Then, there is little or no time left to be productive with your epiphany. This is what happened to Ethan, who was a man alive during Jesus' time.

Ethan was a respected numerologist of his time and was revered by many of the people. He practiced numerology as means of reading the past, interpret the present, and see the future. He could unlock portals in time that no other man of his stature had ever been able to before. When Jesus' finally came out of the woodwork, Ethan scoffed at him, because Jesus preached that no one new the world's destiny besides the one true God. In return, God put the Mark of the Beast on Ethan, damning his soul to Hell.

Ethan rejected Jesus' teaching, mocking him and challenging him whenever he got a chance. As time progressed, Jesus was crucified. Many years later, during a late night personal session Ethan was reading the future and saw all the things that Jesus and the prophets had foretold. He had an epiphany and it too little too late to do anything about it. His destiny remained sealed. When he died he went to Hell, because he was already marked.

Once he got to Hell, which is place of great sorry and suffering, he forged an alliance with a powerful demon who called himself Malachai. Malachai taught Ethan all that there was to know about dark alchemy and surviving in the Underworld. Ethan, already a pro at all things magical, took his time and perfected his craft. After what seemed like an eternity, no pun intended, Ethan secretly opened a multidimensional rift and rode the soul currents to Heaven.

When Nathan arrive in Heaven, he wasn't receive in the highest of holdings. He was still cursed with the Mark of the Beast and the heavenly hosts knew that he didn't belong there. But as is Jesus' story, he gives everyone a second chance that wants one. Ethan begged Jesus, and Jesus agreed. However, to satisfy his transgression upon the Holy Trinity, Ethan was given a punishment. The punishment he has to endure is a further curse of roaming the world as a wandering spirit. He must do this for 7000 years to redeem himself. After completing this task, the hold of the Mark of the Beast will be relinquished from him and he will be able to enter the ranks of the angelic hosts of Heaven.

I don't know exactly how long he has been here, but what I do know is that the piece that you see here will summon the presence of Ethan, which is very useful for a variety of purposes. First, this piece will allow you to perfect the craft of the essence of time allowing you to read the past, interpret the present, and see the future. You will be given the skill of numerology to fulfill these visions.

Next, you will be given the ability to obtain a dual magic form that coexists within Ethan. This dual magic is a hybrid between dark and light, but cannot be used for evil purposes. The dark part simply gives you the knowledge to negate evil spells and the power to open portals, etc. The light part gives you a complete power medley from Heaven including but not limited to spiritual healing, angelic interpretation to allow you to speak with angels, the ability to perform white magic charms, blessings, spells, and divinations, and the ability to receive spiritual visions.

The piece that you see here is one of our originals and beautifully handcrafted. It has been enchanted with the power to summon this powerful being, who is Ethan. You will receive this piece upon decided he is for you.