It's raining... birds??  Mayan Powers and Secrets To 2012

It's raining... birds?? Mayan Powers and Secrets To 2012

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It's raining... birds?? Mayan Powers and Secrets To 2012

The piece that you see here is hot off the press and it should be appreciated, because, quite frankly, we have been working our dear asses off to obtain it. If you've been watching the news, you will know that recently there have been epidemics of dying animals all over the world. From falling birds in Sweden, to dead fish in America, something is taking it's toll on the world as we know it.

I found this to be quite alarming, especially in wake of the 2012 controversy. Personally, I don't think existence ever comes to an end. It always was and always will be. However, that's not to say that existence as a human, or the existence of the human race is eternal. It most likely is not, and that is why so many people are dreading the whole 2012 scenario.

I took a trip to Mexico to clear up the situation and to provide answers for what is really going on . I just got home and these piece are brand spanking new. Why Mexico? Who would know how to interpret the signs better than the original messengers of the world that is to follow the one that we currently know? That's right, the Mayans. Well, I guess technically, they aren't Mayan anymore, but some still identify with their ancient culture and call upon the spirits and gods to assist them in their soul search and spiritual endeavors.

This is how I got these pieces, from a young lad that I like to call Jesse. His name wasn't really Jesse, but I couldn't pronounce it right, so for our intents and purposes, that is what his name is, and Jesse he shall remain. Jesse proved to be a very viable tool amid so much confusion and uncertainty. What he did for me was invoke the spirit of the Mayan gods into the piece that you see here. You see, at the young age of 20, Jesse has already mastered the arts of communicating with the gods and it is a skill that openly shares with those who ask. He is much like the Evangelical Doomsayers you see on the corners of large cities, except he tells his own, not so doomed story. People, we are not all damned to Hell. I promise!!

Anyway, these pieces call upon the ancient Mayan gods. These pieces will perform initiation rites for you, and the gods will see you as an original, old-school Mayan priest or priestess. The power will enlighten your mind and heighten your spirituality to a brainwave level that is consistent with communicating with the voices of the gods. Once you have achieved this sort of Mayan “nirvana” you will be given answers to the questions that people seek on a daily basis. Is 2012 the end of the world? Are we all going to die? Is the world going through some sort of metaphysical transformation? How can I keep my soul safe? WHY IS MEXICAN FOOD SO SPICEY?? Whatever your questions, the Mayans will be able to answer them with the confidence of their divine wisdom.

As for you? As a Mayan priest or priestess, you will face no danger. You are on the side of the Mayans and their gods. If disaster is to strike, you will be held in high regard and taken to a place that is safe of danger, where you won't have to trouble yourself with a means of survival. You will also receive a brand of magic that is consistent with the ancient Mayans. This is how they made their calendar in the first place, by invoking the use of this magic. You will be able to enjoy and reap the benefits of this magic now and in the afterlife, so it's a good investment.