Prophetic Ring

Prophetic Ring

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Prophetic Ring

This gorgeous purple stone ring is sterling silver, size 7, and holds incredible radiance linking your soul to the graces of God! 

God created the world, and that includes you. At first everything was good, exactly as God made it. But now we all make wrong choices and commit wrong actions. We live in God's world, but go our own way. We fail to live up to God's standards, and so we are guilty. The Bible calls this "sin." Our sin separates us from God.  

"Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light." John 3:19

We all want to feel good about ourselves, but we only experience true meaning when we connect with our Creator.

People try to find their way to God in many ways, but these efforts all fail. Our sins are a barrier between God and us.

God loves you very much and wants you to love Him in return. You are here because of His love and desire to have a personal relationship with you. What you can't do through your own efforts, God the Son, Jesus, dud by coming to Earth to die on the cross for you! He took the punishment for your sin, and so Jesus became the way between God the Father and you.

** Lined with Angelic Blessings from the Vatican, this piece will grant you a direct connection to the Heavens. You willhave a flooding of rationale with God and be able to come to peace with all the torment that haunts your life.


An incredible ring of glory, and new life ~