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Coveted with uncoiled remnants of the Earth, this collection of items was found in a old wooden box in Salem, Massachussets. The items hold tenement divisions of power that have been hinged upon the occult! Majestic abilities have been found to be proclaimed within each item.

Do you ever wonder how the world's top achievers accomplish as much as they do?

How the inventors who've altered the way we live, developed the brain power to come up with their ground-breaking discoveries?

How the most successful sports people seem to be able to tap into that 'winning mindset' whenever they choose, whilst
pushing their bodies beyond normal human limitations?

Studies show the frequency your brain is tuned to, or the speed at which your brainwaves vibrate, directly relates to how you feel...and if you tune your brain to specific frequencies, you experience specific benefits.

For example, if your brainwave pattern or rhythm is tuned to a frequency of 14 Hz, it will help increase concentration, and 10.25 Hz helps improve creativity.

The difference between the world's most successful people and the rest of us, is that they're able to consistently tune their brain into the most positive and effective frequencies.

They can easily access states of effortless efficiency, laser focus, enhanced learning, reading and intuition. They can access states of deep relaxation or extra energy and vitality ...and even states of accelerated healing......and now you can too!!

This piece is illuminated with the imparted channels of power to bring you the automated frequency magnet that will grant you the aspects of needed information and desirable aspects of luck that will transmit prosperity into your life!

This is completely revolutionary~