13 Bloodlines of the Master Druids
13 Bloodlines of the Master Druids
13 Bloodlines of the Master Druids

13 Bloodlines of the Master Druids

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This piece is a vintage pin with a sterling inlay.

On the pin you will notice that there is a four-leafed clover. It is not green, but that is what you are looking at. This is to pay homage to the fact that this piece was created by a Gaelic sorcerer named Ciaran. He is not super old. I think he is just over 200 years old, which isn't old in terms of immortal entities. However, he has been able to do what others could not and that is access to the Sacred Grove of Thirteen Trees.

The Sacred Grove of 13 Trees is a Druidic realm where the sacred thirteen trees grow. These trees are 13 ancient forms of magic whose roots go into the Earth. It is the raw source of magic and energy from where every Druidic form of magic has been created.

Ciaran has been able to not only ascend into the realm of the sacred trees but to also live among them. He lived there for the better part of 30 years before returning to Earth with a renewed sense of magic and power. This is because the thirteen trees also represent the 13 Master Druids and their bloodlines.

The 13 Master Druids are the original 13 Druids that existed at the beginning from whom all Druidic magic has been born. Their bloodline is the true druids, despite the fact that these days their bloodlines tend to be dormant simply because humanity has gotten dumber. That's okay, because we are going to go through an age of cosmic awakening soon, which will hopefully open up humanity to their roots.

In the meantime, if you want to experience some outrageous power and I mean some of the most intense Gaelic-Druidic magic that I have ever experienced, then this is your piece. When you own this piece you will gain a connection to Ciaran. He will open your mind in ways that it has never been opened. You will experience things in wholly new ways.

You will be given the 13 bloodlines of the Master Druids, which will flow freely through you. Not only will this be an incredible rush, but it will be total enlightenment of thousand upon thousands of years of ancient magic that was developed by the Master Druids and their contemporaries through the years. Your mind will be flooded and you will become just as powerful as one of the originals with the ability to bring all of their ancient magic to life.