13 Voices of Universal Wisdom:  Resin & Gem Ring with Real Gold Flakes
13 Voices of Universal Wisdom:  Resin & Gem Ring with Real Gold Flakes
13 Voices of Universal Wisdom:  Resin & Gem Ring with Real Gold Flakes
13 Voices of Universal Wisdom:  Resin & Gem Ring with Real Gold Flakes

13 Voices of Universal Wisdom: Resin & Gem Ring with Real Gold Flakes

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This collection of pieces comes from an investigation that we were on in Washington D.C. Well, to be fair the actual investigation didn't take place in Washington D.C. It was actually in a rural spot in Virginia that was just outside of Washington D.C. We were able to gain entry into a secret temple of the New Order of the Ages. This Temple is a hidden, secret point on the map of D.C. and is positioned in accordance to the sacred geometrical layout of the entire city. It took us a while to figure out that this temple was there, but when we did we had to go have a look-see. If I'm being completely honest, we didn't know what we were going to land upon, only that there was going to be something there. Still, we set out.

I'm not going to get into all of the details of our investigation, because I'm trying to keep this short. The reason that we are selling these for so cheap is because we recovered a lot of them. They each hold in them the 13 Voices of Universal Wisdom. These are 13 ancient entities that were sought out by each of the American Forefathers. You already know that they were into occult magic and Freemason lodges, but what you didn't know is that our country was founded to get given over to these ancient 13 spirits.

These 13 spirits are extraterrestrials, but most people have a common misconception of what it means to be an extraterrestrial. They immediately begin to think of little green spacemen in silver suits. This simply isn't the case. Any type of entity that doesn't come from the earth is an extraterrestrial. These are celestial and cosmic beings of wisdom that have afforded our founding fathers the powers to initialize and grow a mighty empire on Earth. In the 1700s, there were 13 Colonies in America and later these became the 13 original states. This was to represent the 13 Voices of Universal Wisdom.

Don't believe me? Face the facts. Look at the Great Seal of the United States. On it has been written, "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "A New Order of the Ages." "Annuit Coeptis," was also written. This means, "He (or it) has favored our endeavors." This is a clear reference to the 13 Voices of Universal Wisdom. They have given the American founding fathers the necessary magic to grow American into the mighty nation it has become-- arguably the mightiest nation to ever have existed on Earth. So, the magic of the 13 voices has been passed down from our founding fathers to a secret group of individuals.

The members of this secret group, called the Temple of Voices, are not the presidents, members of Congress, or the President's cabinet. They are a completely indifferent body of rulers that rules based on the wisdom that is given to them by the 13 Voices. They are the ones who decide everything from who wins elections to who wins MTV's Video Music Awards. It might seem minuscule, but think of how much influence those stars have! The Temple of Voices have their hands in not only what happens in the United States of American, but definitely what happens all over the world.

The basis of the 13 Voices of Universal Wisdom's magic is 13 ancient forms of wisdom that they hold. These are 13 ancient power forms or forms of magic that each one of the Voices governs over. When needed, this magic is distributed to the members of the Temple of Voices, who are the prophets of the 13 Voices of Wisdom and do their bidding. To access the 13 Voices, the prophets are given rings. This is what we confiscated from the Temple we found. We have a whole collection of these pieces. They don't look like they would high-level magical pieces, but looks can be deceiving. I guarantee that these pieces are extremely powerful. If we would have recovered only one of these pieces, we would be putting it on for a lot more than the $50.00 that these are going on for.

When you get one of these rings, they are going to open up your world to a whole new kind of magic. These are the 13 ancient forms of wisdom/magic that belong to the 13 Voices. This magic will bring you things such as power, influence and extreme wealth. However, it will also bring you a knowledge of universal soul alchemy to be able to use the energies of your body and manifest them into the forms of magic and power that you want. You will also be introduced to 13 ancient forms of magic that I cannot give you the name for. These are something you must experience for yourself. It is not anything that can be told to you or demonstrated for you. It is a kind of magic that is going to live inside of you and has typically been reserved for the most magically inclined members of the Temple of Voices. It is insane power that will run through you like a drug. It will give you a euphoria of knowledge that will course through your body and become part of who you are!