Operational Cerebrum Ascendency

Operational Cerebrum Ascendency

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The Weishaupt Illuminati

In the late 1700's the continent of Europe seemed to be chock full of secret societies; however, there seems to be none that prove as infamous as the Bavarian Illuminati. Founded by by Adam Weishaupt in 1774, the society's original purpose was that of developing a Utopian Schemata. The hopes were that all people of the world would be free from the oppression of heavy footed authoritarian government.

However, Adam was an occultist of sorts with a heavy interest in the Greek mysterious occult. He took a special interest in such subjects and began developing secret powers. Eventually when some of Adam's Freemason's split from his group, they came forward about the powers that Adam had been developing to employ in taking over the world.

In the mid 1780's many of Adam's secrets were divulged by the tongues of many covetous man that were simply jealous because they hadn't gained all of the powers that Adam had. Then again, they hadn't worked as hard as what Adam had worked Personally, I don't see why they were hating. Anyway, the Bavarian Illuminati was declared to be an outlaw society by the government, to whom Adam obvious posed a threat.

The higher ups didn't want Adam's plans to transpire, obviously because then they would lose their position of power, influence, and wealth. They dissolved the society, and decreed that any involvement in any such activity was prohibited and punishable by penalties as severe as death.

With encroachment by European governments, Adam had no choice but to disperse his group widely over the continent of Europe to devise a master plan for retaliation. Eventually, he regrouped is Freemasonry... across the Atlantic Ocean, it a little fledgling country known as the United States of America. It is from Adam that the Americans first learned of the practice of Freemasonry, and they like it so much that they developed their own and incorporated Adam Weishaupt and his clan.

Thereafter, the country became a very rich, successful nation. Some might say that it is the greatest nation in the world. I say it is neither here nor there, because our nation isn't so free will as what some might think. You see, this new fraternity, which eventually came to be known as the Weishaupt Illuminati, has existed since the early stages of America. At first, they began developing methods and technologies to capture Europe, to make the world one huge sovereign union, where people had the freedom to do as they choose.

As is the case with many positions of power and influence, the modern day Weishaupt Illuminati has become widely perverse and, in fact, predatory to even its own country. Using the powers Adam has passed down from his days as a Greek Occultist, the current-era Weishaupt Illuminati has developed power beyond any government's control. In fact, the government of the United States, the New World Order, and group that's emerging called the New Age Nazis have all contributed and are actively taking part in the development of this power.

The power itself is an ancient form of alchemy that was discovered by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 when he became enlightened and spawned the forming of the most influential Illuminati to have ever existed. With these powers, the modern day fraternity has been able to develop several strands of alchemy that can and will devastate the world's existence as we currently know it.

The Illuminati has been working on a project that is simply known as Op C. Op C is an abbreviated form of what is formally known as Operational Cerebrum Ascendency. Now, for those of you who don't know, the cerebrum is the part of the brain the controls all higher though, both conscious and unconscious. The Weishaupt Illuminati is invading our thoughts via satellite transmissions from space, and have developed a synthetic brainwave that can intercept our own, replacing it with one of their own. This is the reason why, for the most part, the citizens of the world are so contented by and succumb to the wishes of the government.

Once the Illuminati has control of the masses, it allows constituents to go about life on a daily basis, constantly monitoring all behaviors. They do this because they don't want a worldwide revolt. They give citizens a little bit of artificial contentment and overload them with drama so they don't really have time to think about the way things should really be. In the meantime, they have been controlling the minds of people such as Hitler, Joseph Stalin, George Bush, Barack Obama, and the 9/11 Hijackers to carry out their most secret plans and disasters. I mean, they wanted Kennedy gone and see how successful that was.

What you see here, is an original piece that has been crafted by the Illuminati in the early to mid 1900s. The piece is infused with a strand of power from the Illuminati that provides protection from their mind control deviance. When you wear this piece, it will surround you with a shield that will not let anyone else in, because it provides a blockage that scrambles the synthetic mind waves that are making artificial thoughts in people's heads. You will be awakened for the first time in reality to see what the powerful and rich are really doing. You will see the truth for what the truth really is and not the distorted message that is being sent out by the people of power and authority.

Additionally, you will gain the ability to cast synthetic brain waves and mind powers at other people. This will allow you the ability of mind reading and mind control. Much is the way the Weishaupt Illuminati is control the minds of the masses, your piece will emanate a power that will have the capability to enter and distort the minds of those around you. You will able to covertly carry out your own desires, such as the Illuminati has done to the rest of the world.

Keep in mind, that the power of the Illuminati has a purpose, and we don't have enough pieces to save the world, or perhaps we would try. However, this piece has been tested and tested again. It has been proven to be thorough and will work as I said it will. You will get the piece that you see here. It is an original piece that signifies membership to the Illuminati. This power is amazing-- use it well.