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When you think of hotels, you mostly think of suites, a hotel breakfast, maybe even an indoor pool. Not necessarily, when it comes to the Mount Washington Hotel at least. The Mt. Washington Hotel, which was designed by architect Charles Alling Gifford, was designed to look like a “Spanish Renaissance Revival”, has some guests that do check out, but SOME have decided to make this five story hotel their eternal home~!

In 1902,  in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire, Jack Stickney, a highly wealthy man who made his money off of investment, decided to show off his wealth  by building this glorious hotel at, in that time, was a whopping $1.7 million dollars! 

The hotel played host to many famous individuals, such as suspense and psychological thriller film maker, Alfred Hitchcock (best known for the 1960 thriller, Psycho); inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison; and, Major League Baseball legend, Babe Ruth.

Jack's wife, Carolyn Foster Stickney, loved the hotel as much as she did her husband, but a year later, her love was about to be lost. In December 1903, Jack died of heart failure and left Carolyn wandering the hotel, alone, and grieving over her late husband’s passing. 

Eventually Carolyn got remarried to Prince Clarigny de Lucinge, a French nobleman who owned hotels in Switzerland and France and would continue to help Carolyn operate the hotel as they spent their time there in the summers and in Paris in the winters. Until bad luck struck again and the Prince died in the Battle of Verdun in World War I.

Carolyn moved back to the place she loved most, her prized possession, the Mt. Washington Hotel where she resided for the rest of her life. She lived many more years before passing away, but owned the hotel until the day she died in the early 1930‘s. However, it is said that she did not leave entirely~

It is said that Carolyn, now simply dubbed as “the Princess”, still resides in her beloved hotel watching over the many new faces that come and stay. Some eye witnesses who have stayed at the hotel say you can see a woman that’s description strikingly resembles Carolyn watching over everyone from the balcony. 

Some have reported hearing a romantic, but ghostly melody from the depths of the hotel, but the source of the music is never found. In the “Tower Suites”, television channels will switch and tubs run by themselves. Scents of perfumes and strange lights can be seen. 

Carolyn can be seen in Room 314 (room is nicknamed “The Princess Room“), sitting on the edge of the bed that she shared with her husband, brushing her hair.

Other ghostly happenings are: a baby can be heard crying in the ballroom (Mt. Madison Room), when there’s no baby even in the hotel. Photographs get mysteriously slashed by unseen fingernails. A woman can be seen walking through walls. And, if you’re not of the ghostly kind and don’t like to be spooked, guests have said to watch out for rooms: 206, 217, 237, 425, and of course “The Princess Room” (Room 314).

The weird part of this is that Carolyn didn't even die near the hotel. Records throughout the years do show that some other guests have checked in, but they never checked out. Such as: Daniel Willis James, a highly wealthy metal merchant from New York, had his last stay at the hotel, dying at the age of 75 on September 13th, 1907 of a heart attack. Almost ten years, right on date, a guest by the name of Alfred N. Beadleston died at the age of 69 due to intestinal hemorrhages. Still Carolyn is the most seen; maybe, just maybe, the Princess was destined to stay there for all of eternity. 

** The hauntings that have taken place over the years led us to schedule an investigation. We spent 6 days and 5 nights in the hotel. We spread out across the hotel, all staying in the noted most haunted rooms. Deedee stayed in the Princess suite, as she is our HC Princess, and was hoping to connect with Carolyn.  

The stay was very intriguing for all of us, and we were able to encounter many spirits.. more than the few that had previously been noted to us! We utilized pullings and tried to channel spirits into vessels, so they could be of use to others. We were successful in pulling a few, but Carolyn would not be relinquished from the hotel! We wanted to give her peace of mind, and allow herself to rest and allow someone else to benefit from her powers and strengths -- but she revealed to Deedee that she wants to ensure that her hotel inevitably runs smoothly; to her she is at peace!

We were able to pull several lingering spirits that simply were roaming the rooms for years. 

** This vessel holds the spirit of Alfred N. Beadleston, who was eager to be pulled from the hotel. He has lingering for over 95 years in spirit form -- but has been bound to the walls where he passed. His ascension will occur once he passes the torch of knowledge that he has for scientific discoveries. 

After all these years researchers, and doctors, have come up with many new cures and findings about illnesses, but Alfred was blessed with the ability to find the underlying effects of any issue that arose. 

Many diseases and issues have flooded the world since his death, so he has not been able to grant his imperial knowledge... but now you can be the brain who has evasive miraculous knowledge that will grant fusions of relief to many! We can not guarantee that you will hold the cure for diseases, but from his noted records, and the connection that was made with him -- we feel as your life will be filled with much resilience, as you will be imparted with grand things that will change the world~