Pheromone Reducers

Pheromone Reducers

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Pheromone Reducers -

One of these bangles will prevent the alluring sensations that naturally proclaim upon the Universe and  flood those around you with uncontrollable hormones!

These items are installed with an elixir that will stop the flood of hormones that alternatively bring about others looking for sexual desires.

Although many of us are looking for sex, we surely want to prevent our children from being sexually submissive!! These are implemented to help keep your child from being hindered by sexual provisions that are rationalized in the world.

Keep those horny boys away from your daughters, or get one of these to keep unwanted men from getting up close and personal with you! If you are married, or in a serious relationship, and want to be left alone when you are out for the night with your girls, then this will work great for you as well~!

(If you are thinking to yourself, why would I want to stop the lusting of people on me, then check out the listing "Wild Invokement")