Vampire Lust

Vampire Lust

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Vampire Lust

Many want to gain powers of a vampire --- the miraculous pixels of energy that are birthed into their bodies. The humanity opportunity to hold these powers is rare -- and certain energies are not able to be felt, or connected with, unless you fully transform in a service. However, we just received an amazing piece from Raven that enlightens anyone with incredible powers that are transferred when a vampire sexually connects with a human.

Vampires are extremely sexual creatures and often go after humans -- they occasionally will try to bring them into their realms, but often use and leave. Many one night stands have been done with vampires, without the human even knowing!

Had the human been aware, they would have been able to pull in the energies from their lover!

Raven has a piece that a former lover of Tomer gave to her. She was aware of his demeanor and nature and engulfed powers into her -- which were placed into this ring that she was wearing during the night of passion.

The wearer of this piece will be surged with: mind rolling abilities,  access to secure realms and locations, hypnosis power, luring capabilities, and the abilitiy to drain kinetic energies from others -- this bringing forth mastery controls~!

This is a great piece~