A Vile of Forgotten Past Lives-99

A Vile of Forgotten Past Lives-99

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A Vile of Forgotten Past Lives

These viles contain water from a river called 'Lethe' . It is located in the underworld where the dead are ferried across it to the underworld. It can give its drinker one of two things -

Consciousness of Past Lifes- Drinking the water from the river of Lethe will temporarily give the drinker the memories of their past lives. It is used normally by the dead to alleviate the first symptom of drinking the waters from Lethe which would be deep oblivion.

Complete Oblivion- It erases ones memories completely which is what is said the dead drink before they are reborn so they lose the memories of their previous life but that can power can only be utilized by someone that has recently passed on.

The reason these are so important are because sometimes tragedies that occurred in your previous lifes can effect you mentally and physically depending upon the magnitude of the event. When you can remember what happened to cause whatever might be going on majority of the time it will go away simply by just the realization that the pain or fear is coming from another life ,not your current one. I myself had been having severe headaches for sometime and my dad as you may know is a scientologist and convinced me that it was probably some kind of trauma in one of my most recent past lifes.

This lead to my research into past lifes and the possibility of finding a way of getting them back. I saw a couple of promising myths but then again most myths are just made up stuff, but one of them I found out through a friend who happens to be a ghost. Yes a ghost, I see and talk to them just like my mother. Anyway she told me that there was a river in the underworld called Lethe. She said it could bring back the memories of your previous lifes or also erase them if you drank from it. I didn't really believe her at first because she was a pathological liar in her last life and old habbits die hard even in death itself apparently.

After researching the River of Lethe I found that it was a Greek/Roman myth. The dead drank before their next life to forget and the dead trapped in between drank to remember. My 'friend' happens to be an in between. She chooses it though. She stays to watch over her family, supposedly... So I knew I wouldn't exactly be able to go and retrieve some myself cause I’m alive and my mother would never let me go anyway. So I looked to an acquaintance of mine who happens to no longer be alive nor dead. Vampirism- best of both worlds, and they agreed to retrieve some for myself and my research into it. But since I wrote down everything that I remembered in the hours I had my memories I have a ton of it left over so now I am giving it to you.

-My headaches almost instantaneously stopped, as it turns out I was murdered by my mate in my previous life (which wasn't on this planet ) by being hit over the head with a ' Baza ' which is their or my previous language for what we would probably say is a funky shaped hammer used for shaping metal objects there.

Best of luck with this life and all your others!