The Kojiki,you in bloom
The Kojiki,you in bloom

The Kojiki,you in bloom

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The Kojiki

The kojiki is a record of ancient secrets and matters in Shinto which is a Japanese religion.

These include the Kami or Family kami which is a spiritual essence of all once living beings and creatures. These are all friendly and help the living once their names are listed.

The Myriad are like Djinn but friendly and easy to work with. They grant whatever you need and you only need ask. These are not tempermental like other Spirits or Djinn but love to be with all humans.

Then we have the realm of the sacred. This realm is where the magic lays in wait for you to open it. It must be opened by you and your natural essence. Once you have done this by simply wear the item you have opened up the realm of the Gods and spirits which are only there to help you.

For those of you that think something based in Japan would not be of help to you,think again because your roots stem from many places. With this item your getting such an ancient practice and ancient magic that it is super strong. You open this up like a flower blooms into a full magic that is then used as a thought formm because you become the power itself.

Enjoy. This piece is in steling silver and beautiful.