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These come from a Piney lady that is a spirit placer. She places spirits with objects according to what they want to do or how they wish to live. She does dolls, jewelry, cards and even how to books. She has some strange stuff. She is very good at what she does and these are all dice.

She began making them for her women Republican club.  As you all know republicans love money more then the democrats. These were dice for them to pick the lottery  numbers from since there was a argument that was never going to be fixed I ended up with them.

I had some a long time ago but they were from a different place.

I'm adding these on today and also one more listing but more will come tomorrow and there will be a ton of stuff.

You will get one die and it has all kinds of numbers on it. You use the number at the very top and then keep tossing while you make a note of what came up.

You will also get the name of your spirit. I also have wishing dice if anyone is interested in them.

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