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09-18-08) On the Swiss French boarder is a machine that will split kaluza klien particles. This is part of string theory. What was once a theory is now a reality.

Smaller then atoms these strings vibrate   to more then ten dimensions. The machine that different scientist have been working on is now ready.

As most of you know scientists are not  that into the paranormal. One scientist working on this machine is. The machine works and does break down these particles creating an energy that opens up what is like a small black hole. This hole and its energy then open up the other dimensions.

Everything I'm telling you can be checked out.

Protons, electrons,neutrons and various floating energy make up the string theory. This is believe it I'd not a little like hidden mysteries inside musical notes. What makes up string theory is at the bottom of the musical barrel but when split like atoms your going to create a particle that will bond( not in the way spirits bond) but in the way glue bonds to and object.

Almost ghostly these energy particles hold those small black holes. We have been taught that black holes are a vacuum and that for fire we need oxygen, rightω So how then does the sun continue to burnω How do we know about black holes crushing us if we have never been in oneω

We don't know about other dimensions either but all evidence points to just that. For the first time scientists may be able to prove it.

For the first time being offered you can have a paranormal item to through the particle accelerator test.

What this means to you.

All items are in sterling silver and non paranormal. All items at this time come with no attached spirits. When they go through the machine they will cone back with a bonding that you can not see but are there. This will enable dimensional travel but to what capacity we are not sure yet. One has been tested and cone back the results are uncontrolable. You have been warned.

What this means and please pay close attention.

These particles now bonded to a metal that conducts electricity will now be like a hovering aura over your body. Your own electrical impulses will emit signal which the particles will now adjust to and bond to.

What it does.

The electrical signals will now act as a railroad or pathway to the brain hitting your neurons and opening the third eye. Opening the third eye widely.

There is also extraordinary potential for forward and backward time slips and dimensional travel at any time uncontrolled by you. If you become upset, have great sex, get mad, these energies become stronger opening that hole in the dimension and you can slip into it. Thats the bad part.

The good part is that if you just stand there and don't move it will pass. Even when you do go it is not bad and you are seeing a small bit into the future. So far what has been tested always goes forward but the potential to go backward is also there.

Going backwards is one of the "features" that the scientists want to eliminate and when you think about there are many good reasons for that. Yet I see great reasons to keep it. We could go back in time and eliminate those who are evil but at the same time we create a trickle effect best left alone.

These items are pre-order and I will have them back in June.

There is one going on creepy hollows and if your reading this there then thus us the one.

Here is the information on that one.

We thought it would be unique to place an antique of occult power into the machine. Not just any piece but one with character and spirits. So we are and we did. This one is ready now and what your looking at IF your looking at this on CH auctions. If not your getting a pre-order described above.

The one on CH auctions came back phenominal! This blended a male witch and a female witches power and then blended all that power and energy from dead to resurrection.

This antique and one of a kind power piece will blow your panties or speedo off your private bits. Let the breeze hit your arse with this one because it really will be at your fingertips. The supernatural and science combination can not be beat. Blow a hole in your mind now, like a dynamite stick to the third eye, this is calling your name.

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