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The Priory of Sion

The Priory of Sion was carried in 1956 in Annemasse, France by Pierre Plantard and 3 other men. This was a secret society founded on Mount Zion in Jerusalem in 1099 A.D. They believe that they were here to deliver a message from medieval times similar to that of the da vinci code. They were prosecuted for their beliefs and were tirelessly investigated by the French secret service. Besides the name Priory of Sion the alias was "Knighthood of Catholic Rule and Institution and of Independent Traditionalist Union". This name was used to avoid persecution by citizens and authorities in France.

Plantard wanted to carry out one of the prophesies of Nostradamus called the “Great Monarch” and Plantard would be the Great King. This is when France had heard enough from Plantard and dubbed him a fantasist and extremist. He then lived in exile for the next 40 years only to be seen in public ever again a few times.

The story does not stop there it continues on taking amazing twists and turns until we learn of a hidden map,a map in the sky? Or a map in real time and a real place,both!!!!

These ancient prophesies are more then what we are ever told by the media and research books. One of the greatest things he was looking for was the golden Golfern a gofer that belonged to Metatron. A golfern was able to do anything anywhere and give any power to you.

This is usually thought of as something that was an actual creature that held a pomegranate which was golden and gave you the 12 posts and the 12 senses. We realize that this is a place you may go to in real time and now OR you may go astrally.

To use this piece on the back a map has been etched. You may wear this or hold it and you will travel astrally or you may try and figure it out and go for real. If you go for real in your physical body you must have this with you at all times. You must have this at all times because the posts are hard to get through but once you do it is because your soul is clean and you can be as the Gods,the ones you wish to be. If you do not have the piece with you,you will not survive. You can not survive as a human with faults and sin born into you. Once you come out though you are nearly immortal!