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Unlock your subconscious mind/F*

Every year as a child my family would take a vacation to the beach. We always visited a beach in New Jersey and ritually stayed at the same hotel. It was the routine of places we liked to eat, sight see and visit which made the vacation fun. We would always reflect back on the memories of former years, it was always a great time.

Anyway, there was a small book store on the boardwalk that we would shop in every year. I used to browse in the old bookshop, they stocked old and interesting second hand books of varied occult interest. Sadly like so many other interesting curiosity shops these days, it too has now been swept away and replaced by a new and uninspiring cloned retail outlet. In those days I was young and eager to find new and interesting reading material, so the old book shop became my favorite place to visit each year.

Many pleasant hours were spent browsing and searching through its treasures of esoteric knowledge. On one of my visits, I picked up a book that made references to Freud and Jung’s theories and beliefs. One area discussed their thoughts about dream images and the subconscious mind. The belief that the subconscious acted independent of the conscious mind, lead them to deduce many theories now accepted in psychiatry today. Dreams it seemed not only influenced the future of the individual, but also its continued good health and well being. My interest in the subconscious mind and what could be learned from any interaction with it was sparked into life from that moment onwards. Further, awareness that dream images may be a gateway to an unknown part of the human mind was fascinating to say the least.

A well known tool that interacts with the subconscious mind is Hypnotherapy, but side effects and unknown elements make many professionals shy away from its use. My own personal introduction into Hypnotherapy was unfortunate in the respect that I met a charlatan of dubious intent who used it for financial gain only. Without doubt Hypnotherapy has a place if used correctly, even if my own introduction to it was flawed. I wondered if there was a simple effective alternative tool that could be developed to unlock the mysteries of the subconscious mind and provide positive health benefits?

After years of gaining information, and studying reports, I am glad to acknowledge that we were able to recipe an ointment that sends vibrations to the lobal area that holds your subconscious mind. This ointment is a concoction of magical powders and oils that emerge to trigger the response. The enchanting final oil that makes this concoction potent, is very rare and hard to find; we had a small vile and it was the promulgating ingredient.

Instead of selling the ointment by itself for thousands of dollars, we have taken several pieces of jewelery and communed them in the oil. After being in the oil for several days the pieces are then placed in a charger to hold the power of the oil within each piece. We do not know if we will ever be able to get more of the rare oil, so get these while you can!

You will be empowered with the opportunity to gain intense realization of your subconscious and learn the intriguing visualizations that come forth without having to go through intense hypotherapy sessions. This is an awesome way to gain power and energies that will advance your life!

These are all in sterling silver and in different sizes. A chain does NOT come with them.