The London Portfolio, Part 1:  Gretchen

The London Portfolio, Part 1: Gretchen

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The London Portfolio, Part 1: Gretchen

I picked this piece up at an estate sale in London at a mansion that clearly predated the 1800's. I was in London on a trip to a convention of Masonic society that for the all intents and purposes I will simply call the New Age Knights. Anyway, I was in London, when I found this piece, at a rickety old mansion that had seen it's fair share of days.

I'm not sure exactly what it was that drew me to the estate sale, or the pieces that I found there, but that's the thing about psychic powers, they kind of do there own thing. Mine landed me at an antiquated mansion on the hillsides of the outskirts of London. This is where I found the group.

I say the group, because it wasn't just one entity that I was drawn to. Rather it was a collaboration of magic, an effort by the whole of the group. You see, the group had been waiting for some time for the right person to come along to set them free. I was evidently chosen to be this person.

Whomever lays their eyes upon any of the pieces that I have discovered in the London mansion, just realize that you do not have to buy them all, but they seem to work in unison to create a stronger power. They exist together in harmony, even though they are all different from one another. They had been locked in the mansion, which turned into their eventual resting place. They worked together to survive and eventually worked together to be revived when I came along.

I will profile each of these entities in separate account that will be listed on the website as the London Portfolio, part 1, 2, 3, etcetera. All of these beings are very powerful in their own respects, but again, keep in mind they have forged a type of family and will work much better if obtained together.

I will take the opportunity, since I have already gotten your attention to showcase the first piece that you see here. This is the first piece that I came across at the mansion and there is good reasoning for that as I am about to explain.

Meet Gretchen. She was an original 17th Century witch, burned at the stake for practicing her beliefs. Now, she is a most-modern spirit witch. As magic evolved, so has Gretchen. Originally ordained by the chief of a witchery that sought refuge in the rolling landscapes of England, she was tortured by officials to reveal the witches' code. Regardless of what history tells us, Gretchen recounts the experience differently and has shared with me that the English hid behind their religious antics. In all reality, they really just coveted the powers vested in the witchery and the fact that they didn't have to live by all of the religious laws set forth by God and his angels.

As Gretchen's powers progressed, she gained the ability to shape shift into anything physical or metaphysical. This is how she traveled, usually using humans as a vessel of transportation. The members of the witchery were shocked that her spirit was able to retain such magical powers after her physical vessel had moved on. Eventually, she gained the highest ordainment possible, becoming a high priestess of witchcraft.

Gretchen outlived many of her peers and roamed the Earth freely in the form of alternate physical beings, until one day a warlock who coveted her powers convinced the congregation of the witchery that she possessed a mortal and immortal danger to souls of their existence. There was a power struggle and Gretchen's existence ended up in the piece here and in the hands of one of her most devout followers, who kept it there in fear that the newly reorganized congregation would seek retaliation on her.

However, Gretchen has been nearly forgotten about in an order of newly ordained and progressively liberal witches. She is waiting for you to unlock her from her astral vessel, and help her fully maximize her powers as the most powerful spirit witch to have ever existed. All you have to do is is wear this piece around your neck while you sleep. Gretchen, in turn, will come to you, giving you the secrets of the Witches' Code.

Once you have been sanctified by Gretchen, you will receive all of her powers as mentioned above. You will receive, additionally, the abilities of astral communication, as it was Gretchen's finishing touch that gave the group the ability to communicate with me originally. You will be given the ability to perform a magic that is sourced from dual powers of the universe as found in nature and the environment that surrounds us. You will be able to keep Gretchen as your own personal confidante and teacher. She will give you many great powers. You will receive the piece that you see here, if you think you can handle Gretchen. There is no better way than to give it shot. Pieces like this don't come along every day, so I suggest you solidify your powers, before somebody else capitalizes and it's too late.