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Lead me toward the Light/F*

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Lead me toward the Light/F*

Our team journeyed to Jenolan Caves in the New South Wales Blue Mountains for an investigation about three years back. Our purpose was to investigate the Mystery, Legends and Ghost tour which was to be conducted. We met up with the rest of the group and our tour guide, Rorke, at 8pm, and were issued with regulation lanterns, this trip was going to be cave light free.

Entering the caves through a man made 30 meter tunnel Rorke told us the history of this tunnel, apparently prior to the tunnel being blasted through in the 19th century one of the original caretakers expressed his total opposition to such a venture and defiantly declared, "This tunnel will only be built over my dead body!" Shortly thereafter he died and true to his word the tunnel was blasted through causing extensive damage to the cave. It is said that the caretaker now roams this area muttering and generally scaring people who use this means of entry. Also interestingly an early cave explorer is said to have entered the cave through this location and has never been seen again ..... alive or dead!

Anyway we progressed into the cave with lanterns in hand. About halfway through the tour and while stopped in an area known as the mud caves I ventured into a more isolated area and could feel that the ambient temperature dropped quite substantially, no evidence of a breeze entrance was found. A companion took several photographs of this area and surprisingly a white orb was discovered in the right hand corner of one of the pictures, a close inspection revealed that the orb seemed to be moving as there was a short tail which was much fainter than the more solid shape of the orb itself.

Progressing on we came to an underground river and traversed along a path beside it. At the far end of this cavern there were steps leading up and then around a bend followed by six or eight more steps, at the end of these steps Rorke stopped us and commenced to tell us a story about a particular iron gate which was situated at the location.

The leader of our team, Deedee, moved to the front of the group and was inspecting the gate while I remained at the rear, tail end. Rorke was relating his story while I was casually inspecting the cave wall when a sound emanated from my rear in the vicinity of the area we had just come from, it sounded like a scrapping noise perhaps like something brushing the cave wall or perhaps it could have been a member of the group who got separated. Whatever it was I turned to the rear and shined my lantern in that direction, it was pitch black back there with no trace of a light, there seemed to be nothing.

Thinking that perhaps one of our group had lagged behind I turned off my lantern hoping to see some sort of reflection of another lantern, to no avail, there was nothing! This certainly alerted my senses and the hairs on the back of my neck prickled.

About this time Shine came rushing toward me, I turned to him and asked. "Did you hear that?" "I certainly did," he replied. Another lady in the group also exclaimed that she had heard the noise. Shine and Rorke who had some trepidation proceeded back down in the cave to investigate. I noted that several flashes emanated from that location, I surmised that Shine was taking photographs, but I later realized that he didn't have a camera.

I rushed down to see what was going on and witnessed an incredible glowing being; it was an angelic light that made me stop in my tracks, I was in complete awe. Shine, Rorke and I all just watched as the angel glowed with a pulsating bright light that gained intensity. The angel looked at us with the purest eyes any of us had ever seen. He then dropped a small satchel and vanished. We were all almost frozen for a while before Rorke ran over and grabbed the bag.

He opened it and immediately brought it over to show us, it was filled with incredible gems that glistened, even by the little bit of lantern light we had. We met back up with the rest of our group and told them of our experience, we shared the blessing pieces with them. There were about 15 gems in the bag and after giving each person in the group one, these are what is left. We had them set into rings and pendants so they are more feasible as everyday endowments of divine power. People were scared they would lost the stone by itself, so having it in a setting makes it a piece you will want to cherish and wear everyday.

These are the only ones we have and they are extremely valuable... they are filled with divine powers; the angel will come to you and grant you blessings of purity and protection. He was protecting our group in the cave and will do so for each of you who are able to get these last several pieces. The blessings and warmth of light and love is indescribable.... it is amazing!

Hello everyone this is Dee Dee. After much testing on these pieces and about a week later Shine came back and said that the angel had visited him again and told him that each Gem held the power of Shine AND that of the angel. This was a blending of both worlds with power to use in the coming times. Still the entire trip was strange!