15 Powers From an Enlightened Being
15 Powers From an Enlightened Being
15 Powers From an Enlightened Being
15 Powers From an Enlightened Being
15 Powers From an Enlightened Being
15 Powers From an Enlightened Being

15 Powers From an Enlightened Being

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The piece you are getting is a sterling bracelet with beads.


If you are looking for a piece that offers multiple forms of magic in one piece, look no further. This piece was created by a Gypsy friend of mine. Her magic is incredible as she can trace her ancestry all the way back to the Egyptian "Enlightened Ones." This is the original Illuminati that existed for peace and the spreading of magic. The Illuminati takes on a whole new meaning these days, unfortunately.

Either way, her roots lie in Egypt and her powers are from the pyramids. She has been able to connect to the pyramid through something called a blood-lineage reversal, which essentially allowed her to travel into the past through the spirits of her ancestors. She was able to form a solidification to the pyramids, so now the powers of the pyramids and her ancestral line run through her like a waterfall. Like I said, she's a pretty powerful gal. She made this piece with celestial energy from the pyramids. This is not a pyramid piece, I just note that these pieces were created with such power, because then you know they are the real deal.

There are 15 beads on this bracelet that will cover 15 different types of magic that this piece gives to you. I'm not going to waste any more time talking about the piece. I'm just going to get right into the magic. All you have to do in order to bond with this piece and start manifesting the magic is wear the item, either as a bracelet like is intended or in your pocket. Below is the list of magic that this piece will give to you.

1.) Premonition Magic-- the ability to see the future

2.) Fate Magic-- the ability to change the future and your fate

3.) Subliminal Connection Magic-- Connection to the universe's energies to create magic.

4.) Herbal Magic-- the ability to use the energies of plants and herbs to create healing, protection, and transitioning magic.

5. Spell Casting Magic-- Self-explanatory, but this magic allows you to cast spells of your choosing.

6.) Celestial Magic-- The ability to harness the magic of stars and planetary bodies.
7.) Astronomical Magic-- the full knowledge of astrological knowledge and how to use it to get what you want, even from other people

8.) Abundance Magic-- This is the granting of wealth into your life. This wealth comes in many different forms.

9.) Psychic Awakening Magic-- This gives you a complete psychic awakening

10.) Divine Magic-- This gives you master over all divine elements, including the creation of white light magic.

11.) Tarot Magic-- This will allow you to connect to Tarot Cards and use them as a vehicle to spark full-blow psychic visions.

12.) Protection Magic-- Self-Explanatory. This is protection magic from all dark, negative, and evil entities that mean to wish you harm.

13.) Regenerative Magic-- This gives you the ability to regenerate your mental and physical states. This gives you rejuvenation, youthfulness, vitality, and it has anti-aging magical components.

14.) Summoning Magic-- this gives you the ability to summon and control any type of entity that you desire, in spiritual form.

15.) Astral Travel Magic-- this is the ability to astral travel, as well as the means to keep yourself rooted so that way you can always return from wherever you are.