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The Wish Maidens of Odin ride  the cloudy skies of death deciding who to gather from the beginning of time. The kiss of death was given only to those that were heroes or had supernatural gifts were picked AFTER they completed what task or life line was given to them. They had to complete life as it was set out for them.

A portal to Valhalla is opened every now and then. Inside it sits  ancient trees and creatures. On the ground sits Amber and not the man made stuff but the pieces that are thousands of years old. Each piece is a drop of death, the life force, blood which dripped upon the kiss of death. These heroes were not taken in pain but in honor for what they were able to accomplish.

What your getting.

Your getting a Wish Maiden along with pure paranormal power. This is the real deal. These are all thousands of years old and hold both the blood of the Eternal supernatural Wish Maiden and a fallen supernatural being, what ever they may carry. None are evil, all are good.

Each one is different although many will have some of the same qualities.

Why I like these.

I like these because you are mixing the world of the human with that of the supernatural and so there is a blend there. But more so because these hold an essence so part of that being is still with these pieces and not just in spirit form making a bonding all the more easier. The spirits know where a piece of them still viable is at.

I say viable because this could be melted down and carries both a human and supernatural DNA.

To use this you must wear it near you touching the skin for just a little while. I mean like a week or so just to become balanced with the power.  The wish maidens will also grant wishes DEPENDING on how you handle the piece. Each piece is to be honored and each piece does have name.

The powers that are the same are psychic ability as it was used in battle. If your seeking real psychic ability that happens quickly then this is for you. You will be given a name and you need to introduce yourself to you new Warrior and supernatural being. What is great about these is when I say different I mean different beings not different qualities. The Wish Maidens shared all qualities so these are packed. It is that I found that the psychic ability is amazing. I love natural things and things that hold that living essence because I just find them stronger. These were all tried on every single member of the group in a blind test to make sure that they worked. I'm more then happy with the results.

I would charge for these 70 a piece because in all honesty that is what the Amber is worth but I want to encourage sales and have people see true results. Once you see true results you move on to more complicated things and more power. These are great for the near dead person.

I can't tell you how excited I am to offer these to you as part of the Firecracker sale.

You will be glad that you tried these. These can also be combined with anything you have now. They are even ready for you to string them.

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