Spiritual Guidance and a Guardian Angel

Spiritual Guidance and a Guardian Angel

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Beth's Wonderment~

Recalled by Mitch*

"Slow down Mitch! You’re going to kill us." Pleads Elizabeth.

"Don’t worry; we’re almost there." I reply

"Just pull over, you’ve had too much to drink"

"I’m okay…look I can see it now, told you we’d make-"

Time seemed to stop when I saw those bright lights… The wide eyes of the other driver in the intersection was the last image I remembered.

It’s dark now, and I was scared. Where is Elizabeth? Did we hit that car? I think we did…

where the hell am I then?

"Hello?" I screamed.

Wait a minute…If I was in an accident I would be in pain, right? I feel fine. Maybe I’m at the hospital drugged out of my mind; but my instincts tell me something is very strange here.

"Oh my god…" I moan as an intense, but small, white light emerges in the distance.

I suddenly feel like I’m floating, and as if my body was working independently of my mind I begin walking towards this piercing light. It sounds like the ocean in the distance. This doesn’t make any sense, but I don’t hesitate to continue out of this darkness.

I am close now, the light is blinding. I move forward on pure faith that this is where I am supposed to go.

Just as the intensity of the light nearly becomes unbearable it is gone. My feet are slowly sinking; I look down to discover I am standing in the most beautiful sand I have ever seen. The sounds of the ocean are in the distance, but I can’t see the water. I begin walking towards the sound of crashing waves and the smell of sea salt.

Hours seem to pass as I search for the ocean in the distance. Just as I feel like giving up hope, I hear the sound of laughter in the distance. Not any laughter, Elizabeth’s laughter. I would recognize it anywhere in the world. All doubt that was in my mind is instantly gone. My favorite person in the world is okay, she must have found the ocean already. I can’t wait to see her. I begin running now, the sound is growing stronger and stronger; I have no doubt in my mind that I am almost there.

I can feel the mist of ocean water in the air, there is only one more sand hill to climb over and I will find that laughter. I reach the top of the hill and see the most incredible ocean awaiting me, but all I care about is finding her.

"Elizabeth? Beth where are you?" I shout over the sounds of the waves.

I nearly jump out of my skin as I feel an ice cold hand touch me on the shoulder. I turn around and see Elizabeth; She looks so beautiful, I can not recall ever seeing her look more incredible.

"Elizabeth, I am so glad I found you. What is going on here?"

"There you are, I missed you Mitch" Elizabeth says as she flashes her beautiful smile.

"I missed you too, I missed you so much." I say as I embrace her in a tight hug.

We sit down on the sand together and hold hands as we watch the ocean together, not speaking a word. Hours must have passed before we spoke again.

"We’re dead, aren’t we?" I ask Beth.

"Yes." She replies after several moments of contemplation.

I hang my head for several minutes before speaking again.

"I am so sorry; I’m such a fool, I should have listened to you."

"We can’t change the past Mitch let’s just enjoy the future." Elizabeth says reassuringly.

"What exactly is the future?" I ask.

"You, myself and this beach is what I predict." Beth says as she flashes that smile again.

"That sounds like…heaven."

"I think it is, Mitch." Beth says.

"But…It’s my fault we’re here, I got you killed. I should be in hell."

"Yes, you should be, states Beth."

I am surrounded by darkness yet again. There is no sand underneath my feet anymore.

"Elizabeth? Beth where are you?" I yell, and the sound of my voice almost instantly dies off in the unseen distance.

"Elizabeth…" I whisper to myself as I sit down and wait for the light to reappear.

I awoke in the hospital -- I was alive.

I instantly knew Elizabeth was indeed dead... why did I survive?

She is constantly on my mind and I feel guilty everyday for her death --- I have not had an ounce of alcohol since the day of the crash.

The jewelry Beth was wearing at the time of the crash was removed and placed in Mitch's bag of personal belongings... He was going to give them to her parents, but they were so angry with him and they were a comfort to him.

The piece shown below was worn be Beth when she passed and was a gift from Mitch to her. She comes forth in the piece to bring guidance and empowerment. Mitch is now married and although will never forget Beth, feels that her spirit can bless someone else who is in need.

She will transmit a spiritual healing to the person who adorns this piece --- this will inhabit you and energize your body to bring forth clearance when you are clouded in doubt or have a tough decision to make. Some people get really worked up and stress themselves out when they are faced with a decision to make --- or make the wrong choice because they are trying to impress someone; Beth will implement your mind with the power to make the best decisions possible without a second guess.

This piece is like having a conscience that will always be able to understand your woes and work to bring forth righteousness without effort or strain on your mind!

Testers were amazed with the connection they felt with Beth --- they were able to hear her in their mind and have thoughts that allowed them to make important choices and know the consequence of a decision they may have otherwise overlooked~

This piece is very powerful and is original Sterling Silver.