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There are some creatures that at one time existed and some that live on other astral plains. This is a real graveyard of Griffins.

The two on the end as you can see with the pictures were sealed so that the spirits of the griffins are safe and will always return to a final rest,burial. They are in pure spirit and are entities of wealth,treasure and royalty. You can have them in your pocket or place them in a royal setting,velvet,display case. They are one of a kind.

What they do and the personalities they have.

They are very classy and act with royal distinction. They are friendly and will bend over backwards to give you what you need. They may come off a little uppity to you at first or to your other spirits but they adjust rather fast and begin holding court in your house. Everyone will like them.

They bring wealth,easy life and charm with class to you. They are also protective of who is the owner of them. Yet in truth you will never be a owner. It is they that will choose to stay.