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ALL THE INFORMATION I HAVE IS IN THE DESCRIPTION Many people have traveled to the middle earth. Yes believe it or not it is true. I have not gone there but the society for middle earth is based in New Jersey. These people have taken trips and met those that live there.

The people of middle earth hope that we will awaken our psychic abilities and use our full spirit.I do not agree with everything that they say (like heaven is on earth) but I do agree with everyone coming together on a higher frequency to allow for a better earth and universe.

These beings are special and some might call them Alien but they are souls that can transform into flesh. They live for nature and can speak to plants and animals alike. How they got thereω I don't know but you will get updates on this one.The item your looking at is infused with that energy and has been to the middle earth.

It is a mans ring and not in the best of shape. It is in sterling and gold and I would guess around a size 9 or 10.This item has been tested by both myself and by Dave. We wanted both a male and female to test in case it would not work on a woman but it does.You can feel this power when you wear it.

The best results are given when you are outside near nature. You can begin to hear and see things that you never did before. This item also tries to bring about a universal mind to the owner. When owning this you become connected to those that are from middle earth and those that have mastered the minds abilities.