Holographic "Flight Before Christmas"
Holographic "Flight Before Christmas"

Holographic "Flight Before Christmas"

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This story is proof of how destiny works and that it can happen to you any time, not just when you expect it to happen.  Not all of you know that aside from working at Haunted Curiosities, I also do a part time gig at a local electronics store.  Thus, I see a lot of people on a daily basis.  For the most part, I enjoy seeing people.  Sometimes they are miserable and nasty, but for the most part people tend to be pleasant.  At least, to me they tend to be pleasant.  When I first met "O" he seemed like a normal enough person.  He seemed like little more than one of the normal geeks who occasional come into my store to peruse the shelves for their next project.  I never knew O by more than that.  He told me his name was O and when I pressed for more information he seemed very reluctant to tell me anything.  I let the situation go, although I kind of found it odd.  The first time O came into
my store wasn't the last.
 In fact, it was just the beginning.  It was the doorway that opened our friendship-- if that is what you want to call it.  
The second time I seen O, I couldn't help but notice he was looking over his shoulder, as if something was going to swoop down and pick him up if he didn't watch for cover.  He came into my store looking for some type of capacitor.  He said that if he bought the capacitor, he'd be able to finally complete the device that he'd been working on.  Once the device was complete, they wouldn't be able to know where he was at anymore. I kind of overlooked this little bit of information, because as you all know I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself.  In my scope of thinking, I was like, alright rage against the machine brother.  He bought his capacitor and rushed out of the store, posthaste.  I just shook my head.  You'd be surprised, working in an electronics store, the number of people that come into buy things to shield themselves from the government, or to hack the government, or to detect astral beings and ghosts in their home.  I even had some guy come it and tell me he was building a replica time machine from the movie Back to the Future and that is was actually going to work.  Usually I just smile and wish them the best of luck.  I mean, you never know-- what if they aren't bat shit crazy?  What if what they are telling you is absolute truth?  If there's one thing I've learned working with the paranormal, it's never underestimate the crazies!  
I saw O a few more times in my store.  Each time he was getting something different for his machine that he kept on building to get away from "them."  Who the "them" he was trying to get away from I didn't think I'd ever know.  He kept on telling me about liberating himself from their capture and that he was leaving.  In fact, the second to last time I ever saw O he invited me out for coffee.  I was a little bit reluctant to agree, because you can never be too careful in today's day and age.  People do demented things nowadays.  I mean, they always have, but they really have seemed to devise some really demented stuff over the years.  I don't want to end up in somebody's stretching machine some day, you know?  I agreed, but told him that if he wanted to meet it could be at the Sheetz down the road from where I worked.  I told him I'd meet him there around 7pm the following Friday after my shift at the store.  He agreed.  
When I arrived at Sheetz to have coffee with O, he was dressed to impress.  Instead of his usual rumpled clothes and wiry hair, he looked surprisingly smooth with finely combed hair.  As I walked through the door, he stood up to greet me with a handshake, which is kind of uncanny because people don't actually do that to acquaintances in today's society unless your business associates.  Even then, it can be hard pressing to find somebody who actually knows proper etiquette.  I was impressed.  I ordered my coffee and sat down with O.  He didn't waste a moment in explaining to me that he had finally finished his device and that it was time for him to leave, that he had "things" he had to attend to.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  After he said this initial off-the-wall thing, the mood seemed to lighten up a bit.  O seemed to be in a very unusually good mood.  We talked about the weather, sports, and a little bit of technology.  Then, I began approach the subject of the impending holiday.  
"So, Christmas is right around the corner, O...," I began.
"Yes, so it is," he replied, his eyes appeared very distant as if he was pondering something.  He snapped out of his daze turned to me and said, "Well, Steve, it was a pleasure knowing you.  I must be going now."  
I looked at him kind of out of the corners of my eyes, as if to ask him what he was talking about.  However, I didn't get a chance to really discuss this with him, because was up and determined.  As he head for the door he waved to me, but then stopped.  
"Steve, I almost forgot," he started, "Merry Christmas."  He rushed to hand a package to me as he finished the last part of his Christmas wish.  I was perplexed as he walked out the door.  I walked out to chase after him, but when I did he was gone; nowhere to be found.  It had been maybe 30 seconds between him exiting and me going to find him.  The parking lot was packed.  He couldn't have possibly got that far.  Alas, I never did find him and that was the last time I had ever seen him.  This was a year ago, right before Christmas.  I've waited to list this piece merely because it took me a while to determine what the piece exactly does.   
Inside the package was an item and a newspaper clipping.  To paraphrase the clipping, it was about one Oliver Thomas, who had disappeared from his home on Christmas Eve in 1909.  His father had sent him outside to fetch some fresh water for the guests they were entertaining.  Oliver obliged and when he did it was the last time he'd ever draw water for his family.  Well, actually he never even made it to the well.  His family and guests began to hear screaming sounds form outside and poor little Oliver who screamed, "They've got me! Help, They've got me!"  The strange thing was that Oliver's tracks stopped abruptly in the fresh snow-- about five inches of it.  The water pail was off to the right of where Oliver had seemingly been snatched from above.  There were no other tracks in the snow other than Oliver's, no sign of a struggle, nothing as far as evidence.  As if there weren't enough witnesses already, the cops were reluctantly called to examine the area the following day.  They arrive a bit skeptic of the story that was told to them.  However, the left without a single piece of evidence as to the disappearance of Oliver Thomas, an pretty much in agreeance with the story of the party-goers.  
It took me a little while, but eventually my gears began to turn.  "O" was short for Oliver.  The "They" that he was trying to escape from was clearly the same "They" that snatched him from the sky on Christmas Eve in 1909.  But the question is... "Why me?"  I thought back to the first time I had ever seen him at my store, when I introduced myself as Steve and told him that if he had any questions I'd just be a shout away.  He chuckled to himself and mumbled what sounded like, "Oh, I know who you are."  I never really thought anything of it.  I just assumed that maybe I had helped him before, as I can help up to hundreds of shoppers make purchase choices in a week.  Sometimes I forget the people's name, but I'll never forget a face, which is why I found it so bizarre.  
I went on about my work, though; but in retrospect I began to wonder what exactly he meant by he knew who I was.  Had he been somebody I had contacted psychically before under a different guise?  Maybe we had made contact with his abductees before?  Or maybe he just knew that I worked at Haunted Curiosities as well as the electronics store and decided that this would be the best avenue to deliver his product to me, while being to shop my store for the stuff he needed?  I don't really know.  All I know is that he left me with the package, the newspaper clipping, and the item that was in the package.  It has me just over a year to really decipher what it all meant and to work out the magic that is in the piece.  It took a lot of patience and help from Deedee, but I was determined to find out what it all meant, because this piece was special to me, in that O chose me to get this piece and nobody else.  Now, I am offering it up for sale, because I think that it could do somebody a whole lot of good!  
When you use this piece and meditate with it, it will begin to create a holographic universe.  In this universe will appears the North Pole and the Santa Clause and the Elves that he used to abduct Oliver on the Christmas Eve in 1909.  Just Kidding!!  It actually works very similarly to this, though because in the holographic universe that this piece projects is an advanced alien species.  Once you have projected this reality, you will be able to walk through it as if you were really there, sort of to the way Deedee and I were able to traverse to the realm of the Dark Horse at the Denver Airport. It will be as if you are actually there, although is poop hits the fan you can call it off at any time and regress the universe back into the piece.  While you are in the universe, you will get to sift through a foreign existence as if you were actually one of them, because you will take an appearance of one of their own.  You can use this piece to encounter their technology, learn their ways of life, and most importantly practice their magic.  
This piece will teach you ways of magic that you never knew were possible and for which I can't really put a name, because they are types of magic that wouldn't make sense even if I did name them, because they are from a entirely different plain and realm of existence.  The aliens had originally abducted O for natural purposes-- they wanted to experiment.  Over the years, O obtained immortality which is why he appears as a 20-something year old person.  However, due to his travel he has been frozen in time, which is how he obtained immortality. He spent many years perfecting this piece, just as he did designing the piece to deactivate the tracking chip that they put into him.  You don't have to worry about using this piece at all, though, because not only does it not contain any tracking materials at all, it has cloaking technology built into it.  You can use this piece perfectly safe, able to eject yourself from the reality at any point in time just by imagining home.  This piece is a once in a lifetime type of piece and I only have this one.  You don't want to miss out this opportunity! 
This item is from when O went missing and dates to around 1903 so he had it a few years before he went missing. We do not know if because it is a Masonic piece and originally held that type of power is why it can do what it does or if he just used it as a vessel. Either way to our knowledge at this time even though this is a Masonic piece,this item does what the description says. It may hold more power but that will be up to you to determine.