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09-04-08 These are incredible! You must have one. These are mirror images of you and a creature with power that you create and pick.

The top catches a reflection so that you can glimpse your creature and also so the ability and power can transfer to you.

These are very powerful and can be done in a dual nature. It is all up to you.

You need to tell me what you want and what you want it to come with.

These are all sterling silver. These will also take one to two months to make. Do not ask where they are,you will get them.

I will also need your size and if your not sure go up one size. Whole sizes only. This one is a size 10 and a half almost an 11. This is why I tell you whole sizes only.

This ring has been tested for the last month and it is powerful and does what it was to do. Yours will look just like this but will be different in what it does and what it is,again that's up to you.

Most of the guys in the group tested this one and all were happy with it. We have a contest with in the group on who gets to keep it. They are working hard,trust me.

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