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added 08-29-08 You must get these or you have truly missed one heck of a powerful item. On top of that they will be just in time for x-mas.

What these are.

These are universal power plants. They are just in the shape of Christmas trees just in time for the holiday.

How are they made?

These are made using a universal power and they are done using a few hundred people. You get to list what you need and want and it is placed inside.

I have to have all this information for it to be set up for you. What I need is what you want. You can pick 10 things that you want or need to become better at. You decide. It can be material items,health,pain relief,a better life,psychic abilities,you name it.

These can be given as the best gifts!

These are beautiful and vintage pieces. These pins can retail for huge sums of money so your not only getting a great piece but also what you want placed inside of them. This one is my favorite because of all the color in it and the gorgeous stones that pick up a reflection of rainbow color.

Remember Christmas is coming and if you like them get one for yourself and one for someone else.They are gorgeous and the person will not be dissapointed. All the power of the people,universe and the planetary system is waiting for you.