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ADDED 9-13-08 This is in the religious section because like some religions that humans hold vampires have their own thing going on. They keep relics of themselves and of others that have passed for increased power and protection.

This is a real blood relic. What you can do with it. You can do the same thing that you would with a catholic relic but with this one you may ALSO swallow it. If you do this it will last about a month. Even though it does not last long some of the power will stay with you, trust me I know. Not that I drank any because I did not. What I did was ask just how powerful it is. I was told that in low doses you get great power but it just doesn't last that long.

What will happen is you will retain some power and it will build in your system. These are great for drawing spirit entities of vampires to you because you will be holding the blood.

Pictures will be on either tomorrow or Sunday, not sure yet. I had to get containers for it and have Shine show me how they did it.

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