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ADDED 9-19-08 This is one of my personal items that I have had for years. I got this when I fist started working in the paranormal field and began collecting. It is very detailed and it is a globe.

What I used it for was so many things it is not funny. I had a sterling charm ring placed on it so that I could wear it on a chain. I love little things and was drawn to to. I have an entire jewelry box of unusual items and this is one of them.

I liked the detail and that it was an antique. Later after having it for about 2 years I pulled it out to wear it because again I like strange things. I wore it to an investigation in Maryland and I was seeing all kinds of paranormal activity yet the spirit would not communicate with me.

I sat down real slow to try and talk to him and he seemed drawn to my necklace. I mean who wouldn't?

After sitting for I don't know how long the pendant began to feel hot and then cold and back again. Later on I found out that the wood that it is made of came from this sacred tree in England. I forget the name of the tree but it is protected and it is very haunted. I really wish I could remember the name of it.

I took it off of my neck and tried to offer it to him to look at. I felt my hand going to the paper that I was working on and it began to write. it is a pencil inside.

Later on when I got home I played with it. I found out that all kinds of spirits from all over the globe can come through it. Those that are even alive today can come trough using the soul to speak.

I have spoke to some very famous and not so well know spirits using this ball.

This acts a little like automatic writing but will contact anyone from anywhere and from any time.

If you want to speak to say,Alexander The great then you can. You can also speak to other non human entities. as well.

From what I understand it has the power of the great biblical witch. This can also be used as a pendulum and it does work great and fast as one.

This is the entire world at your finger tips.

You ask why I'm selling it. I was lucky enough to locate one that is bigger. The wood was made from the life giving tree.

This is one of kind and it is so powerful and special that you will be lucky to get it. I mean that,it is one of a kind and I doubt that any other will every be offered to you.

I will never be offering another one like this and you can also speak to others spirits using this. I do not say that you should do that but you can if they are willing to answer you. Many are loyal and will not do that but it is worth a try.