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ADDED 10-01-08 My eyes are not even open yet so if you see screwed up stuff,that's why. The item your looking at belonged to Sarah Siddons. She was born 1775 and died 1831. She was famous for her acting and was one of the best of the times.

When she died some how this item went to the hands of Dasiy Greville the Countess of Warwick Castle who was well known for her Seances to call up the dead she was interested it. Sarah Siddons being beautiful and a great actress was one of those she took an interest in.

The interest that she had in Sarah was her great beauty and her ability to charm. Daisy was having problems with a man that she was to marry but she wanted someone else. She ended up getting him so her magic worked.

This piece is very large as you can see I placed a coin next to it so you can try and get an idea.

What this is and does.

This as I said did belong to Sarah but it ended up in Daisy's hands. When she took over Warwick Castle she began holding seances and conjured Sarah along with many others allowing them to all hold court in the giant antique pin.

In those days there was real power. Not saying that there isn't today but there were things that were lost due to time.

This holds the power of many one great witch that worked with William the Conquerer,a warlock that at this time he and Sarah Siddons get on together pretty well.

My understanding of this is that Daisy had this piece before she moved into Warwick castle. When she got this,however she obtained it,it is what caused her to hold the magic she needed to gain Warwick castle. The item gave her wealth,charm,beauty and the essence of those that she conjured into the piece. When she got to the castle she called upon many of the spirits that were there and wandering. The seance gave them a home and they in return gave her and all other owners power.

This item is very powerful and along with holding spirits it can conjure just about anyone and then grab the talents that they have.

This is an antique,this means that it can be fragile. It is made of heavy metal but the stone is also old and did come out on me once. I was able to pop it back in. This is a pin that holds other talents as well.

Many years later this was used in a coven and with them they found that the reason it was big is because it would allow the soul to travel out of the body and give power to others. You were still alive but saw your doppelganger. I thought that was interesting.

You can conjure anyone you want with this item. If they are however living with someone else and like the home they have they will visit,help you and allow you to gain some of what they have but will not stay with you.