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ADDED 10-22-08 This is a very old ring and around a size 4 or 5 in sterling. This has one of the oldest known fossils to man and it is called a Trilabite.  These are found in a few places and the one your looking at is in it's full form.

This was used by a older witch as part of seeing into the past. The magical spell that she used called for something older then the person in order to dream of what they used to be/past life.

As with all magic ,you need to know what your doing. if you don't it can go wrong or very right. In this case luckily it went right and she blasted to the past like Michael J Fox.

This went back to an entire new world or past world I should say and she was there! This is to be used while sleeping and NEVER to be used if you go to have a past life regression done. There are reasons for this.

If you go to a past life regression and they do not know what they are doing you can feel the pain and trauma of death and not wake from it. You will wake up but it is at the control of the person doing it.

I have seen a man nearly die in a past life regression because the trauma was so bad on the heart.

When you do it through your own dreaming you are in control.

This is not to say that all past life regression sessions are going to kill you but you need to see someone that knows what they are doing.

With this you can be in control.

I used this piece myself as did everyone in the group and it was really neat because what I saw matched what Shine and even VM told me.,

This ring is in sterling silver.,