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ADDED 10-22-08What neat little gory gifts you can get for your friends on x-mas! When you care enough to send the very best, get it here.

The image your looking is a woman dressed up like her grandmother a real gypsy madam.  You get the picture and the bottle which is real carved something. Coral maybe. It is an antique and from Slovakia.

This is what was called a tear bottle which can be used in all kinds of spells and rituals regardless of what they are.

To get  Siarah to come out during a reading or seance just remove the lid and wait a few minutes. Tear bottles were cherished possessions and were often magical depending on who they came from.

These tears were collected when Siarah conjured various spirits. She called it spirit rain.

Inside you have many famous wizards, witches and people of power. You will not be disappointed.

Plus it is on sale!

ADDED 10-22-08