2042:  The Beacons and the World Alliances
2042:  The Beacons and the World Alliances
2042:  The Beacons and the World Alliances
2042:  The Beacons and the World Alliances

2042: The Beacons and the World Alliances

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We didn't get this piece on an investigation. It was sent to us. It seems that we have a lot of these types of pieces being relayed to us lately. That's because some of our "people" have been getting smart and they go and conduct investigations for themselves. Don't get me wrong, we have compensated the person for this piece. This is not something we usually do, but in this case, we felt that it was necessary.

The person who got this piece was conducting their own investigation at a secret testing facility in Montana. Until this point, we were not familiar with such a testing ground, but we don't know everything. By their own account, they discovered something called a launchpad. A launchpad is a time-travel device that has been created by the government. They are advanced, but not super advanced. They allow time travel between two places in time. There is a launchpad here that connects to one where the launch pad is taking you.

According to our source, they visiting a place that was Zone 142. That's how the world was set up in the year they visited, which was the year-- wait for it-- 2042. Folks, that's not that long from now. In these zones there are hubs and the hubs are places that hold information about all people. They are controlled by government officials that are called the World Alliance. However, the World Alliance government officials are nothing more than electronic drones that are programmed to do a job. So, to set the record straight, the government has replaced its workers with completely submissive machinery that can be controlled from anywhere.

The real leaders of the world at this time-- the Illuminati-- live in mansions are large houses, kind of like the commanders in the show Handmade's Tale. I mean, they are very, very nice houses. The people who aren't important live in the slums. It's worse than Section 8 housing. The scrape to get by. They are given rations that are barely enough to feed themselves. let alone their families. They are oppressed.

In those times, there isn't much hope. Rather, most are dull and miserable, except for these beings that they call the Beacons. The Beacons are named as such because they are Beacons of light. They are magic entities that nobody knows much about. They could be angels. They could be interdimensional time travelers. Whatever the case may be the Beacons drop off these pieces to those in need. They are pieces that grant magic to the oppressed. This magic grants them wealth, wellness, healing, and any other type of magic that they desire. All they have to do is close their eyes and imagine it and it will come into existence. It might take a little while, but it comes to pass.

The Beacons are secretly planning on upstaging the World Alliance and establishing a new government, which they will do with the help of a group that you probably already know the name of-- Anonymous. In those days, the people who hold these items will become powerful warriors of white light, able to create immense and powerful white light magic that will be used to combat the evil that has been set in place by the Illuminati. The Beacon's pieces have been made with pure white light and it's only a matter of time before they are fully activated. In the meantime, they can still be used to create wealth, wellness, love, psychic awakening, longevity, and many other things. They can even be used to create white light magical abilities and spells. It's just that when the time comes, these pieces are going to greatly multiply in power and those who have them will become extremely, extremely powerful.

What we are offering is one of the original Beacon's pieces. It looks like it might be old, but it's really not, because it's from the future, but then again it is also from the past. Look, it doesn't really matter when the piece is from, what it looks like, or any of that. This piece is powerful and this piece will put a world of change at your fingertips. The piece is solid sterling silver and it is heavy, too. Moreover, this piece is powerful and we doubt you find another one like it-- as in the power that it gives you will not be found anywhere else. It's exclusive to the Beacons.