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The small Somerset town of Glastonbury, like its sister centre the Hebridean Isle of Iona, has enjoyed a celebrity status for some time now! This self nominating of exceptionalness became a special place in England above most all others due to facets of lies~

Part of the answer why this town became so well noted lies with those naughty monks of the Abbey who in 1191 declared that they had found the bones of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere – or phonetic ‘Queen of Air’ as the alchemical phonetic of the (Dan) Green Language prefer to call her.

Given that these figures are more fantasy than real, we can confidently surmise that they didn’t really find such bones at all, but it didn’t stop them relocating and burying them in the Abbey’s chancery in 1278 in front of reigning and certainly for real King Edward and his Queen Eleanor at the time.

This little incident added to the forthcoming consolidation of Grail Romance that was bolstered by equal assertions that no less than Jesus’ uncle Joseph (he of Arimathea) had arrived at Glastonbury bringing with him the Holy thorn legend upon Wearyall Hill. People, apparently, aren’t all weary of this tale.

Only recently Glastonbury Abbey have now added to their tourist literature that legend says Joseph also brought the youngster Jesus here and they built an old wattle church now buried underneath the existing Mary chapel. Tying in anything loosely Jesus-like with Arthur – possibly greedily claiming both legendary figures – spawned the Grail stuff even more and so, hey presto, Glastonbury conceals the Grail, no less, down Chalice Well. Well, many thousands of us have popped our head down there in the hope that it could be that simple. No Grail – obviously, not, that simple.

However, Emir did a thourough investigation... staying there for over 3 months to gain insight and go where he really was not supposed to! In the end, he did not find all that was noted, but he did come across a few prime items that hold extreme power!

This is one of those items --- it has been noted as the Grail Romance Trinket -- as it has been tested to showcase exquisite rites to passage. Those who have used it have seen miraculous things happen before their eyes -- and several have stated that their soul had been lifted from their bodies and they were able to embrace the levels of Heaven, and then return safetly back within themselves!!

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