Underground Prophet -- PROPHETIC STONE
Underground Prophet -- PROPHETIC STONE
Underground Prophet -- PROPHETIC STONE

Underground Prophet -- PROPHETIC STONE

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Underground Prophet

Faizrakhman Sattarov had a vision from Allah... this vision told him to build an Islamic caliphate underground.

Sattarov, from the oil-rich province of Tartarsta on the Volga, the biggest majority-Muslim region in Russia, declared himself a prophet in the mid-1960's, in contradiciton to the priciples of Islam, after interpreting sparks from a trolleybus cable as a divine light from Allah.

In the Soviet era he worked for official Islamic authorities in the neighboring region of Bashkortostan, but fell out with them when the KGB sent him to Muslim nations with propaganda about religious freedom in the officially atheist Soviet Union. "That's how I became Satan's servant, a traitor." he said in an in terview back in 2008. "When I understood that, I repented and started preaching."

In 1996, Sattarov acquired a plot of land for  an Islamic school in the village of Torfyanoy. His followers built a ramshackle three-story brick building and topped it with a minaret.

About a decade ago, they decided to shun the outside world and began enlarging the basement. About 70 followers moved into an 8 level subterranean labyrinth of about 30 cramped and damp cells with no light, heat, or ventilation. The sect, dubbed Faizrakhmanists after their founder, doesn't recognize Russian state laws or authorities of mainstream Sunni Muslim leaders in Tatarstan.

Only a few sect mebers - who call themselves muammin -- were allowed to leave the community to work as traders at a local market. Children were born, and they too lived in the Underground cells.

Emir met one of the muammin at the market while he was in the area doing an investigation. He learned of the lifestyle and living conditions and contacted authorities.

Authorities raided the compound and police found 38 adults and 27 children, who rarely saw the light of day and had never left the compound, gone to school or been treated by a doctor!

The children's parents were charged with child abuse and Sattarov with arbitrariness.

There were many items found beneath in the cells that were showcased as voodoo items. Emir was with the police and asked if he could have them -- they did not need them for evidence, and the compound was going to be destroyed, so they said it was okay.

These items have been tested and are invoked with extreme powers!

There is a colleciton of these items -- each with a different strength.

This piece of the collection holds the prophetic stone of the leader, Sattarov, and will guide you and bring you the fury of freedom to your soul . Empowering and strong, this stone will run through your veins as a lullaby of devotion to life and afterlife. You will have pride in being born for a purpose and be able to find out what the exact purpose is and attribute the glorified images that come forth to help yourself and others around you! You will be the new prophet that the blessed stone will pass the energy of prophecy upon~